Upper Division Admissions

You may declare any engineering field or computer science as your major at any time after enrolling at Portland State University. However, you must be admitted formally to your major's department before you will be allowed to enroll in restricted, upper division courses offered by the program. Applications for major departments are online (see links below).

In addition to the online application form, students transferring from other institutions must also apply for admission to PSU and submit one copy of their transcripts to the PSU Office of Admissions.

Civil & Environmental Engineering N/A April 15
Late applications will be accepted but may take longer to review
Civil & Environmental Engineering Application ceedept@pdx.edu
Computer Science September 1 April 15 Computer Science Application uccs@pdx.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering N/A April 15 Electrical & Computer Engineering Application eceinfo@pdx.edu
Mechanical & Materials Engineering N/A April 15 Mechanical & Materials Engineering Application mmedept@pdx.edu


Differential Tuition

Students admitted to upper-division classes will be charged Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science differential tuition rates for all credits taken. Differential tuition supports career services, internship and scholarship programs, and other resources offered exclusively to students officially admitted to Maseeh College programs.

Differential Tuition Refund Policy

If you are no longer pursuing a degree in the Maseeh College wanting to discontinue being charged differential tuition you need to:

  • Request removal in writing from the applicable department’s undergraduate Upper Division degree program - include your PSU ID number and the last term engineering or computer science classes were taken
  • Change your major coding online via BanWeb

Once you have been removed from an MCECS upper division program, you cannot re-enter the program without going through the program’s posted application process. If the requirements for admission into a program change, you will be subject to the requirements in place at the time of re-admission.

Refunds of differential tuition can only be applied retroactively for one term and only for those students who did not take engineering or computer science classes during the term in which a refund is being requested.