The Scholars for Success in STEM (S3) program at Maseeh College is committed to the educational success and professional development of historically underrepresented students pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science. This is a specialized cohort program associated with PSU's LSAMP Program.

Program Goals:

  1. Support students during their first two terms at MCECS through interactive bi-monthly academic workshops & peer mentoring, 
  2. Promote community and fortify students’ personal & STEM identities, and
  3. Increase students' exposure to engineering and computer science career paths through site visits and faculty networking. 

Program Expectations

Both scholars and their peer mentors are expected to attend S3 events held on Friday afternoons every other week during Fall and Winter terms. Students will receive a schedule of events and a shared Google Calendar which details the content covered and location of each event. Retreats/activities may be held on Saturdays with advance notice. 

To get the most out of this program as a mentee & scholar, you should be ready to:

  • Participate all S3 workshops and scheduled events
  • Meet with your peer-mentor 1-on-1 at least twice a term 
  • Check-in with the S3 Program Director and your MCECS Advisor at least once a term

S3 Scholars will join a supportive network of friends, peers, faculty, and staff through workshops, seminars, and site visits. Scholars will develop academic skills that support their success in STEM, including connecting to study groups and other academic resources, networking with MCECS faculty, staff and student leaders, navigate the PSU campus, and become familiar with STEM culture. Interested in learning more?

Program FAQs

Who’s a great fit for S3?
Freshman and transfer students majoring in engineering or computer science who could use support transitioning to PSU.  Students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in engineering and computer science (women, Black/African American, Latino/x, Native American, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+) are highly encouraged to join!

Will the program be virtual in Fall 2020?
Yes, this year the program will be fully remote. Our programming will take place via Zoom and meetings with mentors will also take place remotely.

Do I have to commit to all the program dates?
Yes, students must participate in all listed activities. However, we understand life happens and remain committed to working with you in case anything comes up.

What can I expect from S3?
First, you’ll be immersed in a dynamic, interactive, challenging, and supportive 4-day Bridge Program in mid-September before fall term begins. It will be led by a team focused exclusively on your success in STEM.  You’ll experience activities that increase your comfort on campus, and have opportunities to network with faculty, researchers, and a supportive group of administrators and staff. Once S^3 begins in earnest in fall term, you’ll also get to hang out with peers, take a virtual field trip (or two), and pick up some great pointers on how to manage the complexities of college life.

Where/when is S3 happening?
This fall, we're hosting a 4-day "STEM Bridge" program that will take place virtually September 21-24, 2020. During fall and winter terms events will take place on every other Friday, unless otherwise noted.

Why should I take this opportunity?
Well, because sometimes transitions are hard! This is an great way to immerse yourself in your campus community and to prepare for the excitement and challenge of an engineering/computer science major at Portland State University.

What does this opportunity cost?
Nothing! The program is free, but it asks that you set aside some of your free time to participate in our programming.