November 4th and 5th, 2020

Virtual Fall Ed Abroad Fair


This event took place on November 4th (11am-1pm) and 5th (1pm-3pm), 2020*.


Getting Started

Interested in Study Abroad but don't know where to start?

Join a "Getting Started" session to learn how about the programs that PSU offers and how they might work for you! We will offer these sessions at the top of the hour throughout our fair. The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

Program Providers

PSU partners with various program providers, which are organizations "on the ground" in Study Abroad locations. These partners serve as you primary "host" in the country, often creating excursions and arranging your housing etc. Joining their sessions will be a unique opportunity to hear details about various programs they offer! Read about each provider for details on what kind of programs they offer, and where. The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

ALBA Study Abroad Barcelona

Want to take a break from your home university to study somewhere extraordinary? Look no further than ALBA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain. In the heart of one of the most incredible cities in Europe, enroll for one quarter (or semester) or consecutive quarters (up to a full year), and receive U.S. university credit. It won´t just be the highlight of your college experience, but an experience you´ll remember for the rest of your life.

American Councils for International Education (AC Study Abroad Department)

For over 45 years, American Councils has conducted comprehensive study abroad and research programs for thousands of students and scholars. Participants greatly benefit from individual attention in small classes, life with local host families, and immersion opportunities outside the classroom.  American Councils hosts study abroad programs for the PSU Russian Flagship program, currently basing their overseas programs in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  In addition, some PSU students petition to study on American Councils programs in Russia, Eurasia, or the Balkans.

Carpe Diem Education

Carpe Diem is based in Portland and we offer semester and year-long programs in 8 different regions around the world: Italy & Greece, Spain & Morocco, India, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, the South Pacific, and the US Borderlands. Our programs focus on experiential education, intercultural exchange, and community. Our programs combine hands-on learning, thematic studies, personal development, and reflective activities to support our students in diversifying their perspectives and to inspire growth and transformation. College credit is available through PSU. Scholarships and FAFSA are also available for students who qualify

CIEE Study Abroad

CIEE Study Abroad offers a world of possibilities and programs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Whether you’re looking for a summer, quarter or full semester program, you’ll find fascinating ways to add international experience to your undergraduate studies, not to mention, your resume.

CIMBA Italy - University of Iowa

CIMBA staff will provide details about their program located in Paderno del Grappa in the Veneto region of Italy. This program is a great fit for business and engineering students looking to earn Portland State University academic credit while abroad. In this session students will learn about course offerings, the CIMBA campus and housing, the leadership institute, excursions, and scholarships.

DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Why should you study abroad with DIS? Academic experience is a start: choose from over 340 courses across 80 disciplines. Our courses have you debate, research, analyze, and reflect on contemporary issues in Scandinavia and the world - from faculty who are experts in their field. Living in a Homestay, signing up for a sports team, taking a Language and Culture course, or attending evening seminars are among the many ways to build your international network, meet locals, and create a memorable experience. Talk with us about studying abroad in Scandinavia, or visit to learn more!

Global Education Oregon (GEO)

The world may feel like it's standing still, but you can stay in motion with Global Education Oregon (GEO)! GEO offers a wide range of study abroad options, including in-person semester, quarter and summer opportunities at our Centers around the world, as well as remote programs and virtual internships, homestays, language partners and Global Leadership Challenge programs. With comprehensive pre-departure and on-site support from our resident directors and exceptional faculty and immersive coursework in a wide variety of fields, GEO is the perfect partner to help you explore the world and what the future holds for you.

IE3 Global

IE3 Global has 50 years of experience serving students from Oregon’s public institutions by offering study abroad, exchange and international internship opportunities. Explore our website for details about study programs that provide immersion opportunities at a partner university and search internship listings for a professional opportunity in a cross-cultural context to add to your resumé. Advisors are happy to speak with you about integrating IE3 Global’s academic and professional experiences into your degree program, the support we provide and our scholarship opportunities. IE3 Global is proud of our Pacific Northwest roots and to be a program of Oregon State University.

IFSA - Institute for Study Abroad

The Institute for Study Abroad, or IFSA, is an experienced non-profit study abroad organization with student-centered programs in Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Asia. The IFSA experience is about creating serious momentum for the professional you’re becoming. The lessons you learn abroad will pay rewards throughout your career and life. You’ll enhance your education with opportunities to participate in internships, research, and service projects while staying on track to earn your degree. And the connections you build will last a lifetime, adding another dimension to your personal story. Your future self thanks you.

Peace Corps

Peace Corps works side-by-side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation. From leading health campaigns, boosting local entrepreneurship, or teaching digital literacy, the Peace Corps offers a range of opportunities for our Volunteers to take on new challenges. Are you ready to work for the world?

View current opportunities at

PSU's recruiter will be available for drop-in advising during both days of the fair! MEET PSU'S FULBRIGHT U.S. STUDENT RECIPIENTS.

Semester at Sea

A multiple-country study abroad program, based on board a ship, which emphasizes comparative academic examination, hands-on field experiences, and meaningful engagement in the global community. Take your courses on board the ship, and visit 10-12 different countries around the world! Up to six days are spent in each country. A wide variety of coursework from 20-25 disciplines is integrated with relevant field studies in up to a dozen countries, allowing for a truly transformative, global experience. Students are required to take a full-time course load, 12-semester credits, with the option to take 15 with approval. Students may participate from any major, any school, and any country. This program will change your life! Watch the prerecorded info session HERE!

SIT Study Abroad

SIT is a leader in immersive, field-based study abroad programs for undergraduates. We offer more than 70 programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. In addition to our rich history, our programs’ unique qualities – including exceptional locations, independent research, cultural immersion, and deep local networks — make our programs an ideal choice for an extraordinary, transformative study abroad experience. 


This session allows participants to see why USAC considers itself a “Gateway to the World!” A USAC university relations coordinator will discuss what sets USAC apart, the various programs USAC has for PSU students, and USAC scholarships.

Region Focus

Interested in a particular region? Join our Education Abroad Advisors in a session that is region focused to learn more about what programs are offered in that region. The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

Region Sessions Include:

Spain Scandinavia
Japan and South Korea France
UK & Ireland Latin America
Africa & the Middle East Germany
China, India and Thailand  

Major Focus

These sessions will highlight which programs work best with your particular major. We also have a session dedicated to programs that fulfill University Studies requirements, including Sophomore Inquiry, Junior Cluster and Capstone. The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

Major Focus sessions include: 

Art + Design Criminology + Criminal Justice Liberal Arts and Arts & Letters Social Science
Biology English Political Science Sociology
Business Film & Theater Arts Psychology University Studies
Communication International Studies Public Health & Health Sciences World Languages

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid 101: Held once each day, these sessions will be led by the Associate Director of Financial Aid at PSU, who has extensive experience working with Education Abroad students. Come learn more about how you can apply your financial aid to your study abroad program. 

Scholarships & Funding Your Ed Abroad Experience: Led by our Ed Abroad staff, these sessions will focus on how to apply for scholarships for your programs. 

Fulbright, Boren and Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) programs

During this session, Debra Clemans, director of PSU's Fulbright, Boren, and CLS Programs and finance officer for International Affairs, will discuss a select group of scholarship opportunities for funding undergraduate and graduate language-focused study abroad, research and creative projects, English teaching opportunities, and post-graduation global opportunities. Participants who are US citizens and interested in Boren Scholarships, Critical Language Scholarships, and Fulbright U.S. Student Awards are welcome to stop in and learn more and have their questions answered. Deadlines for this year's applications are: CLS - November 17th, 2020; Boren - January 13th, 2021; Fulbright - September 8th, 2021. More information is available at

The schedule and registration links can be found here. 


We will discuss both online and in-person international internships and how they can enhance your resume, build valuable experience and help you network overseas. The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

Short-Term Faculty Led

Course(s) or community project(s) designed by PSU faculty for PSU students and PSU credit. While often open to students outside of PSU as well, you will primarily be studying, traveling, and living with fellow PSU students and PSU faculty. Duration ranges from one to eight weeks; are offered mostly in the summer, but also during term breaks and throughout the year; may offer Capstone credit; and are often designed for both graduate and undergraduate levels. Read the program descriptions below, and join an info session led by the Faculty Leader! The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

Australia: Far Cairns, Daintree, Yungaburra - Biology and Conservation in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef

The Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most biologically diverse and beautiful areas on Earth.  There are only two places on the planet that meet five of the criteria necessary to be listed as a World Heritage Site (most meet two or less) and they are right next to each other; the Wet Tropics of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Can you imagine swimming within inches of a creature with hundreds of neon blue colored "eyes" large enough that you could curl up within its shell?  Or watching mutualism at work as brightly colored clownfish swim in and out of their anemone host and dozens of other examples of coevolution where species have evolved in a way that they rely on each other for survival.  When immersed in the environment of the Great Barrier Reef, floating quietly above a patch of corals, giant clams, and fish, unlike anything an aquarium can ever showcase, many of these answers become more obvious than from any book or video.

Credits earned: (6) BIO 410 or 510

Austria: Vienna - Interdisciplinary Creative Writing

Vienna is one of Europe’s most historically vibrant, artistic, and fascinating cities. Join author, publisher, and PSU English Instructor Mark Allen Cunningham for a richly interdisciplinary course exploring creative writing amid the art and history of this beautiful and sometimes overlooked capital on the Danube. Through extensive city tours and excursions, cultural site visits, and inspiring seminars, workshops, and guest lectures, we will draw on the artful energy, inspirations, and complexities of Vienna in order to broaden the horizons of our writing practice and breathe new life into every line.

Credits earned: (4) WR 407

Chile: Discovering Chile - A Sense of Place

Chile is “a country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty, with attractions ranging from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the ancient forests of the Lake District”.  This long, thin country sits on the west coast of South America and reaches from the Atacama Desert – the driest on earth, to the southern glacial ice fields of Antarctica.  In this two-and-a-half-week International Faculty Led (IFL) Junior Cluster course, we will immerse and explore varied cities and regions in Chile – the bustling and energized capital city of Santiago, the Pacific coast in Viñas del Mar and Valparaiso, and the Lakes District of Northern Patagonia: Valdivia, Puerto Varas and Pucón.   

We’ll delve into the powerful concepts of identity and place, both abroad and at home.  In a rapidly shrinking world, when an appreciation and empathy for diversity of thought and culture is more important than ever, this class offers a creative, engaging concentration into self and our world. 

View a video about this program here, and visit the course website here. 

Credits - TBD, but fulfills a Junior Cluster Requirement 

Denmark: Copenhagen & Sweden: Malmo - Human Trafficking, Sex Work, and Criminal Justice Reform; A Comparative Nordic Perspectives

Based in Copenhagen, this course is an intensive 12-day excursion into the heart of Europe’s criminal justice reform system, with a particular emphasis on the treatment of Sex Work. Students will examine criminal justice reform by looking at the Danish system and meeting with criminal justice scholars and practitioners. Students will visit the courts,
prosecutors, defense attorneys, and prisons to explore first-hand the criminal justice system in Denmark. Students will also travel to Malmo, Sweden to compare the criminal justice system and reform. 

Credits earned: (4) CCJ 450

England: London - Honors: Gateway to Marvels and Mysteries: Medieval Science and Modern Stage

This program offers students an immersive learning experience in the global city of London. The two seminars offered over the four-week program use London as a class text, as students explore topics including the history of science and urban health, as well as the city as a "contact zone" where representations of identity are negotiated through theater, literature, and the museums and streets of the city. Student learning is enhanced through trips to see London theater and through day trips to destinations including Oxford and Hereford Cathedral, as well as excursions within London.               

Credits earned: (8) HON 407

Germany: Berlin - Sports, Culture, and the Media

Join Professor George Rede to hear about his two-week course during Summer 2021!

In this course, using Berlin as our classroom, we will examine how sports reflect contemporary society on various issues, including race, gender, economics, marketing, mental illness and sexual abuse, among others. We will also look at the basic skills of writing and reporting, interviewing and storytelling, ethical challenges and employment prospects where sports and mass communications intersect. Where better to do this than in Germany, home of the 2014 World Cup champions and host country to the 1936 and 1972 Olympic Games? Visits will include news media organizations, advertising agency, sporting goods companies, Olympic stadiums and Bundestag, the national parliament.

Credits earned (4) COMM 399/410

Korea: Seoul - Examining Pop Culture

Join Professor Michael Lupro to hear about his Universities Studies course for Fall 2021. Travel is for ten days over Winter Break!

Is KPop a fad or a new model for global media production? As KPop, KDrama, and Korean film becomes more popular around the world, Seoul is rapidly becoming an extremely influential site of media production. How has this country of slightly over 50 million people come to dominate the regional Popular Culture market? We will use Seoul as our classroom as we focus on building critical skills for evaluating and contrasting mass media made in Seoul for global consumption and comparing it to what Koreans are making for local and domestic consumption. What can we learn about global circulation of popular culture through the Korean experience?

Credits earned: (4) UNST 254 for Sophomore Inquiry or UNST 399U for a Junior Cluster      Requirement for Examining Popular Culture or Global Perspectives 

Mexico: Guanajuato - Mixed-Media & Printmaking

Join Professor Mandee Schroer describe her two-week program during Summer 2021!

Immerse yourself for a two week intensive in Guanajuato, Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage city, rich with Pre-Colombian, Colonial, and Revolutionary history. A contemporary and historical look into printmaking, art, and culture will be examined during studio time, and experiential outings to local shops, museums, and galleries. Monoprint, Drypoint, Carborundum Intaglio, and Relief printmaking techniques will be explored as well as mixed media modes of art making. Class time will be spent primarily in the studio, and on field trips to neighboring towns, villages, museums, and galleries. 

Credits earned: (8) ART 399/410

Scotland: Edinburgh - Book Publishing in Scotland

Join Professor Rachel Noorda to hear about her two-week course during Summer 2021! She will be featuring her program in our Major Focus: English session, and she will also have an info session on Friday, November 6th at 12:00. Register for her November 6th session here.

Expand your book publishing knowledge to new international heights in the beautiful bookish city of Edinburgh!  Scotland is home to approximately 105 publishing companies, including award-winning publishers such as Canongate and DC Thompson, and also home to bestselling authors past and present like J.K. Rowling, Kate Atkinson, Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, and Robert Louis Stevenson. The city of Edinburgh will be our classroom as we focus on building critical skills for understanding and working within an international book environment, particularly in Scotland. This two-week course incorporates guest lectures, hands-on workshop visits, event participation, and small group discussions in addition to traditional classroom time. Time spent observing and analyzing the book processes and agents within the Scottish publishing industry will be interspersed with bookish site visits...and yes, the birthplace of Harry Potter will be one of them!

Credits earned: (4) WR 410/510

Spain: Oviedo - Third Year Spanish Language Immersion

This course will review and strengthen your understanding and use of major concepts of Spanish grammar including verb tenses, the subjunctive, passive forms, prepositions, and subordination, among other grammatical points. In addition, culture-related readings in Spanish will provide you with opportunities to learn new vocabulary in context and to practice conversation by means of in-class discussions. This course will also introduce students to the literary, artistic, and historical currents of Spain. Outside of the classroom, students will enjoy guided cultural outings in Asturias, where the practical application of the language and culture learning will take place.

Students will take the equivalent of 301, 302, and 303 in Oviedo, Spain. 

Thailand: Bangkok - The Anthropology of Food: Urban Food Systems in Thailand

This faculty led, study-abroad course in Bangkok, Thailand will examine the interplay between the biological, cultural and political economic aspects of human food systems. Through site visits, cultural activities, readings, and written and audiovisual reflections, we will explore a wide range of food-related themes, including cooking and human nutrition, the cultural significance of food, industrialized food systems, contemporary food policy, food politics, periurban agriculture, and food and identity issues. Our schedule includes plenty of free time for students to explore the city. 

Credits earned: (4) ANTH 33U - Part of the Healthy People, Healthy Places Junior Cluster

Tibet: The Psychology of Happiness and Well-Being

Tibet is one of the most religious countries in the world. Visiting Tibet is a rare opportunity to see a cultural philosophy regarding well-being, deeply imbued in nearly every cultural practice.  Tibetan cultural and community life models ideas regarding compassion, service to others, and dealing with anxious emotions. Tibetan community life reflects the idea that psychological flourishing is not something that can be cultivated while ignoring the well-being of others.

The goal of this course is to understand and experience teachings on happiness and well-being that come from psychological science and from Buddhism (particularly Tibetan Buddhism), through an intercultural learning experience in Tibet.  Through being immersed in authentic Tibetan community and culture, students will be able to have an anchored learning experience of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and compare this with their studies about the psychological science of well-being and happiness. 

Credits earned: (4) PSY 410

Exchange Partners

Representatives from the schools listed below will be hosting sessions to describe what it would be like to enroll in an exchange program at their university! These types of programs are designed with the independent, self-motivated student in mind, these direct enroll or direct exchange options offer you the experience of total immersion in an overseas university by attending courses with local students at a host university. In essence, you become one of many international students assisted by the international student services, just like you see on the PSU campus. Some course or language prerequisites may be required. These programs are often, more affordable full-term length programs, as you are not paying for many additional services.  The schedule and registration links can be found here. 

  • Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey
    • This university is a major research university, located on the European side of the Bosphorous Strait in Istanbul.  No prior knowledge of Turkish is necessary.  Bogazici University offers a fall, winter/spring, academic year, or summer program.  With a wide array of courses offered in English (for all majors), this program could be just the one for you! Check out a recording of the session HERE!
  • American University in Cairo, Egypt
    • AUC is a premier institution of higher learning in one of the world's greatest cities!  Much of the coursework is taught in English, so it is not necessary to have Arabic language skills prior to going abroad.  However, if you are studying Arabic at PSU, you can study the language intensively at AUC.  Other popular fields are:  Middle East Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, Business, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Theatre, Women's Studies and more!  Study abroad at AUC during the academic year or even a short program in the winter or summer! Check out the presentation HERE and/or a recording of the info session HERE.
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Apply to study at the Rothberg International School, located at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  This program offers a vast array of courses (taught in English) for any students with interest in the following disciplines: Judaic Studies, Middle East Studies, Hebrew or Arabic, Honors, Conflict Resolution, Dance, Music, Art, and STEM.  Programs during the academic year, as well as short-term summer options, are available.  No prior Hebrew or Arabic is required. Check out the presentation HERE!
  • University of Szeged in Hungary
  • Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea
    • Hanyang University offers more than 500 courses taught in English!  So, if you don't yet speak Korean - no problem!  Popular course offerings are from the following majors:  Business, Engineering, International Studies, Economics, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Architecture, and more!  Options for study include fall, winter/spring, academic year or short-term summer programs!  With living accommodations in the middle of Seoul - there is no end to your time to explore this amazing city!
  • Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan 
    • Begin your exploration of Japan and Asia at Kansai Gaidai where people from more than 50 countries meet and learn from each other.  Japanese language instruction is offered from beginner thru advanced levels.  Additionally, content courses from across the disciplines are taught in English.  Studio art courses are also a possibility.  To learn more about Kansai Gaidai, view this short informational video.
  • National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    • This university, located in the southern part of Taiwan, offers two program options.  You can choose to study Chinese intensively at the Chinese Language Center or enroll directly at the university and study a select number of courses offered in English.  As an exchange student, you can live on campus or in the city.  When you study and live in Kaohsiung, you'll experience life in one of Portland's sister cities! 


Click on the title below to register for a session!

Drop-in "Booths"
Wednesday, Nov. 4th 11:00  - 1:00  Thursday, Nov. 5th - 1:00  - 3:00 
ALBA Study Abroad Barcelona ALBA Study Abroad Barcelona
American Councils for International Education (AC Study Abroad Department)

American Councils for International Education (AC Study Abroad Department) - CANCELED

CIEE Carpe Diem Education
CIMBA Italy, University of Iowa CIMBA Italy, University of Iowa
DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia
Global Education Oregon (GEO) Global Education Oregon (GEO)
IE3 Global IE3 Global
Semester at Sea Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)
SIT Study Abroad SIT Study Abroad
USAC Semester at Sea
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem USAC
University of Szeged (Hungary) Fulbright, Boren and CLS programs
Fulbright, Boren and CLS programs Peace Corps
Peace Corps  
Additional Drop-in "Booths" 
Nov 4th: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Nov 4th: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Nov 4th: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Nov 4th: 5:00 - 5:30 PM
Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey) American University in Cairo, Egypt Hanyang University in Seoul, SouthKorea National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan*

*Please note this session uses Google Meet rather than Zoom

Wednesday, November 4th: Break-out Sessions

11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:30 12:30 - 1:00
Getting Started Scholarships & Funding Your Ed Abroad Experience Getting Started Financial Aid 101
Major Focus: Biology Internships Major Focus: Film & Theater Arts Internships
Major Focus: English Major Focus: Art + Design Major Focus: Social Science Major Focus: Business
Region Focus: Spain University Studies: SINQ, Junior Cluster and Capstone abroad Region Focus: UK & Ireland Major Focus: Liberal Studies & Arts + Letters
PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries Region Focus: China, India and Thailand  PSU Faculty-Led: Austria - Interdisciplinary Creative Writing Region Focus: Africa & the Middle East
PSU Faculty Led: Germany - Sports, Culture and the Media PSU Faculty Led: Australia - Biology and Conservation in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries
PSU Faculty Led: Thailand - Anthropology of Food PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries PSU Faculty Led: Germany - Sports, Culture and the Media PSU Faculty Led: Germany- Sports, Culture and the Media
  PSU Faculty Led: Germany - Sports, Culture and the Media   PSU Faculty Led: Korea - Examining Pop Culture
      PSU Faculty Led: Denmark - Human Trafficking, Sex Work, and Criminal Justice Reform
Thursday, November 5th: Break-out Sessions
1:00 - 1:30 1:30 - 2:00 2:00 - 2:30 2:30 - 3:00
Getting Started Financial Aid 101 Getting Started Internships
Major Focus: International Studies Internships Scholarships & Funding Your Ed Abroad Experience Major Focus: CCJ
Major Focus: Psychology Major Focus: Political Science Major Focus: Anthropology Region Focus: Germany
Region Focus: Scandinavia Major Focus: Public Health and Health Science Major Focus: Communication Region Focus: Japan & Korea 
PSU Faculty Led: Australia - Biology and Conservation in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Region Focus: France Region Focus: Latin America PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries
  PSU Faculty Led: Denmark - Human Trafficking, Sex Work, and Criminal Justice Reform PSU Faculty-Led: Austria - Interdisciplinary Creative Writing PSU Faculty Led: Germany - Sports, Culture and the Media
PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries PSU Faculty Led: Chile - A Sense of Place PSU Faculty Led: Spain - Third Year Spanish Language Immersion
PSU Faculty Led: Germany - Sports, Culture and the Media PSU Faculty Led: Germany- Sports, Culture and the Media PSU Faculty Led: England - Honors: Gateway to Marvels & Mysteries  
PSU Faculty Led: Korea - Examining Pop Culture PSU Faculty Led: Spain - Third Year Spanish Language Immersion PSU Faculty Led: Korea - Examining Pop Culture  
PSU Faculty Led: Mexico - Printmaking & Mixed Media   PSU Faculty Led: Mexico - Printmaking & Mixed Media  
PSU Faculty Led: Thailand - Anthropology of Food      

Virtual Fall Ed Abroad Fair