Student Resources

The PSU Education Abroad Office provides comprehensive programming that supports personal, professional, and academic development and preparedness throughout the entire education abroad experience.

We believe the education abroad experience begins with the early exploration of opportunities and extends through return to one's home culture.

As a result, we've developed resources that will guide you through each phase of your education abroad experience that help you to get started, prepare before you go, support you while you are abroad and upon your return.  Lastly, we encourage you to consider education abroad opportunities beyond your time at PSU!

Please note that PSU tuition discount benefits that you may normally qualify for do not and will not apply to any portion of your study abroad program fees or tuition.

What phase of your education abroad experience would you like to explore?

  • Getting Started - Your first stop on your journey abroad! Read through these materials and then attend a required Ed Abroad 101 session!
  • Applying to a Program - Decided on a program? That means it's time to meet an advisor and start a Program Application!
  • Before You Depart - Time to buy your plane ticket, prepare your finances and organize your pre-departure materials.
  • Returning Home Navigate a successful return and explore the impact your learning abroad may have on your future personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Beyond Education Abroad - Learn how to continue your education abroad experiences beyond your time at PSU!