Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Integration: Mapping Education Abroad in your Curriculum

PSU's Office of Education Abroad launched a Curriculum Integration initiative in Spring 2016 that better maps international education opportunities with individual academic majors.  Our goal is to help students see that going abroad to study or intern can fit well into their academic plan while at PSU. We are working with faculty and advisors to select programs that are well suited for major courses, to explore new program options for the department, and to provide advising materials that will show just how possible it is for PSU students to go abroad for a few weeks or a year.

While students may still be interested in studying in a specific region of the world, we are hoping to shift the focus to WHAT to study from WHERE to study. Our goal is to ensure that geographic and linguistic diversity exists where possible in each discipline to provide as many options as possible.

The following links provide additional information on this initiative:

To view some of the initial outcomes we have been working on with various departments, please view our Major Advising Pages and see how Ed Abroad can help you get your major on the map!