Airline Resources

When arranging for your flight abroad, we recommend you confirm that your program of choice does not include pre-arranged travel plans.  Additionally, it is important to confirm the dates and times your program requires you to be in attendance prior to purchasing.  Finally, we highly recommend that you wait to purchase airfare until you have officially received notification of final acceptance. 

Book through PSU Ed Abroad's preferred travel partner: STA Travel.

  • STA Travel offers university students the “STA Airfare Deposit” program. This is an opportunity to book an airline ticket by paying a small, non-refundable deposit. The airline ticket is issued when the deposit is paid. Students then have until 7 days prior to departure to pay the outstanding balance. Students using financial aid can access an extended payment agreement, whereby they can delay paying the balance up to 14 days after their departure. A small fee applies for this option.

Additional travel resources: