Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture from the DRC

Ergonomic furniture is an important accommodation to ensure equal access for students with certain types of disabilities. The DRC places furniture in classrooms for students only.

For Faculty

Eligibility to Use Furniture

The DRC accommodation notification email will indicate whether a student is eligible for this accommodation and the type of furniture that is placed for them (e.g. adjustable chair, table, etc.). Eligible students who request ergonomic furniture receive an email receipt from the DRC which specifies the DRC label number and a brief description of the furniture checked out to them. Should questions arise, this email receipt and label number can be used to verify who is eligible to use a specific piece of furniture.

Maintaining Placement in the Classroom

DRC furniture should not be moved to the sides or back of the classroom. Whenever possible it should be left in its place.

If Issues Arise

If needed, faculty may want to make a general announcement to the class. We recommend using the following script: "Ergonomic furniture has been placed in the classroom for students who need it for access. Each piece of DRC furniture has a red “Property of the Disability Resource Center” label and a laminated tag attached that notifies people not to use or move the furniture. Please be respectful and do not use or move this furniture unless it has been checked out to you."

For Students

We recommend you enter your service requests for furniture at least one week before classes begin to ensure that furniture will be available to you on the first day of class.

When furniture is placed and confirmed, you will receive an email that notifies you of the  specific furniture checked out to you. If questions come up about who is eligible to use the DRC furniture, you can use this email to confirm you are the person to whom the furniture is checked out.

DRC furniture is placed in PSU classrooms and on-campus internship spaces only. 

Basic Classroom Placement Standards

While there is no one ideal way to lay out furniture in a classroom, there are some general standards that may be helpful.

  • There must be a center aisle from the back of the room to the front. This aisle should be at least 40" wide.
  • The space between rows of desks should be at least 36" wide. Keep in mind that once chairs are pulled out, access to the row is limited.
  • Accessible tables for DRC students need to have a 60" x 60" space behind them in order for a student who uses a wheelchair or scooter to be able to pull up to the table, back away, and turn around.
  • An easy way to make sure that the DRC table is accessible is to place it so that there is a direct path from the doorway to the table, and space behind for the person to maneuver as needed.
  • If you need to move desks into different configurations, keep the 36" distance and 40" aisle in mind and return the furniture to their initial positions at the end of class.

Labels and Signs on DRC Furniture

DRC furniture will always have a red label with an identification number and the following text: "Property of Disability Resource Center. Do not remove from this room."

DRC furniture will also have a label that identifies it as furniture placed for students. It will have a purple box with the following text: "Adjustable furniture for students. Do not move or remove."
Furniture for faculty is sometimes placed in classrooms. It will have a different label with a teal box with the following text: "Accessible furniture for faculty. Do not move or remove." Faculty who need ergonomic furniture in their classrooms should contact Human Resources at 503-725-4926.


Adjustable Chair with Arms

Black rolling swivel mesh back chair that features 5 wheels, adjustable arms, adjustable back height and angle, and adjustable seat height and tilt. 

Adjustable Chair Without Arms

Black rolling swivel fabric chair without arms that features 5 wheels, adjustable back height and angle, and adjustable seat height and tilt.

Non-Adjustable Chair

Grey or black non-adjustable, armless, fabric chair with extra seat space and stationary legs.


Adjustable Table

Gray, black, or white sit-stand desk that features two pneumatic levers for height adjustment as well as two locking wheels and two floor glides for mobility.

Sit-Stand Table

Rolling sit-stand table with laminate wood surface and metal base that features pneumatic height adjustment lever on one side and four wheels.

If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Phone: 503-725-4150

Check our home page for our hours and contact information.