Pacific Islander, Asian & Asian American Student Center

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June 1st, 2020: The PIAAA physical space is closed in compliance with safety ordinances. Our staff is working remotely Monday - Thursday in accordance with the Workshare program until further notice. 

Black Lives Matter: We may not realize it or are too ashamed to acknowledge it, but our diverse community engages in anti-Black behavior that further dehumanizes the Black community. In the PIAAA community, anti-blackness can show up as: perpetuating colorism and devaluing darker skin in our perceptions of beauty and attractiveness; cultural appropriation and using African American vernacular, fashion/style, etc; the ways in which we describe the Black community in both english and in our native tongue within our households and social circles- including the use of the “N” word; the instilled preference of dominant, white culture as a societal standard; remaining silent when the Black community experiences violence and oppression; participating in performative allyship instead of taking action to make change; and so much more. We recognize that folx won’t always get it right and that everyone has the capacity to do harm. This is why we are committed to (un)learning together as a community. 

PIAAA commits to:

Ongoing training and educational opportunities for PIAAA staff to gain awareness, knowledge, and language around racism, anti-racist work, colonial mentality, social justice, white supremacy, and more.

Continuously work to foster a space in PIAAA where we can have authentic and meaningful conversations about white supremacy, racism, and anti-Blackness.

Initiate and foster intentional collaboration that supports and amplifies the voices of BIPOC.

Addressing anti-Blackness in the PIAAA community through programming starting in the Fall. As well as programming that shares the interconnectedness of our struggles for liberation and how various communities within the PIAAA grouping have resisted and made revolutionary change because of the Black community. Read more.

Our Mission

The Pacific Islander, Asian and Asian American (PIAAA) Student Center at Portland State University offers an engaging and accepting space to address the diverse and changing needs of our Asian and Pacific Islander student communities. PIAAA strengthens the identity of API students through accessible programming, inter-cultural community building, and social justice education. All students are welcome. 

Our Story

In December 2015, PSU students gathered to voice their concerns over campus climate and demand more resources for students of color. These demands included the creation of a student center for the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Soon after, President Wim Wiewel announced to campus the opening of two new cultural resource centers. After months of planning, the Pacific Islander, Asian, and Asian American Student Center and Pan-African Commons opened in fall of 2016. 

For more information on the process the Cultural Resource Centers have implemented in opening the new student centers please go to Gathering Space: Building Community.

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We seek to collaborate with students, community partners, university units, and student organizations. To learn more, please visit Reservations?Collaborations.


  • PSU students are at the center of our work
  • Community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice
  • We respect others and ourselves
  • Our goal is not to agree, but rather, to gain deeper understanding
  • No alcohol or drugs on the premises or in the body
  • We do not tolerate hate speech, derogatory language/actions, or oppressive language/actions
  • We reserve the right to refuse service if the collective agreement is not met or upheld

Contact Us | (503) 725-9391

Physical Location 
1825 SW Broadway Suite 235
Portland, OR 97201

Mailing Address 
Cultural Resource Centers, 
Portland State University 
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97201

Pacific Islander, Asian & Asian American Student Center Program Coordinator: Bree Kalima,, 503-725-9390.


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Accessibility Accommodations

There are two accessible entrances to the Smith Memorial Student Union - on the North and East sides of the building. Please see the Smith ADA Access PDF for more information. 

We do our best to create events with accessibility in mind. However, if you feel you may need additional accessibility or support in order to fully enjoy any of our programs, please let us know! You may also contact the Disability Resource Center. While Service Animals are always welcome, the Cultural Resource Centers does not allow pets in our spaces.