Multicultural Student Center 25th Anniversary

Food line during the MCC 25th Anniversary

The Multicultural Student Center (MCC) at Portland State University seeks to develop cultural competency through student engagement, programming, and meaningful dialogue. The MCC’s origins are rooted in student activism; in 1991, the United Students Coalition circulated a petition and collected over 300 signatures in support of a space on campus that would facilitate academic, professional, social, and cultural growth. Since its opening on February 25th, 1993, the MCC has grown, moved, and been developed to welcome all community members, facilitated the initiation and growth of other centers, and provided a model for student services used across PSU and beyond.

Multicultural Student Center 25th Anniversary:

On February 20th, 2018, the MCC hosted a 25th Anniversary Celebration that included a time capsule project (to be opened in 2028), lunch, and memories. Thank you to all who celebrated with us! 

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