BP111 Project Planning and Organization

Certificate Track: Project Management

About This Course
Well-run projects depend entirely on the foundation built during the initial project planning stages, careful and precise project organization, and excellent teamwork.

This foundational course provides an overview of project management, a detailed look at the characteristics of successful projects, and a hands-on team simulation of the project planning and project management process. Students will review current best practices as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), and learn how to plan and execute projects effectively.

What You’ll Learn
Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the knowledge to:

  • Understand the two fundamental types of projects (plan-driven and change-driven) and their associated project management methodologies, and how to choose the right one for the project;
  • Define and manage the scope of a project;
  • Identify and properly work with all project stakeholders;
  • Evaluate project complexity and drive selection of tools and techniques appropriately.

The Learning Environment
This interactive course is held in person at PSU’s Center for Executive and Professional Education in downtown Portland and typically combines lecture, discussion, and individual and group activities.

Instructor: Ron Sarazin
 Ron Sarazin, president of Olympic Performance, Inc., specializes in project management, business analysis, visual management, customer service, and strategic planning training and consulting. He has worked for PACCAR, Portland General Electric, and Mutual Health Systems. Ron earned a BS in Industrial Engineering at Oregon State University and completed specialized training at the University of Idaho and Stanford University.

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  • In person at the Center for Executive and Professional Education
  • 5 times per year in the daytime or evening (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer)
  • 2 days each, 8:00am - 4:30pm; or 5 evenings each, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Cost: $699

Additional Information
Courses may be taken out of order. However, Project Planning and Organization is the first course in the Project Management Certificate program and should be taken prior to Project Execution and Management if possible.

Other Courses in this Certificate Track
Enrolling in the full certificate program provides students with a comprehensive overview of all aspects of project management.

Courses may be taken individually and in any order unless otherwise noted. If pursuing the certificate, all courses in the certificate program must be completed within three years. Visit the program page for a recommended sequence.

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