Hatfield Resident Fellowship

Program Description

The Hatfield Resident Fellows program targets Master and Ph.D. students who have recently graduated⁠—from PSU and more than 30 other outstanding graduate school programs across the U.S.⁠—with a strong scholarship record and confirmed interest in public service and leadership. The Fellowship is a rigorous, project-oriented, professional and educational experience designed to provide each Fellow with an opportunity to acquire leadership skills with a public service agency. The Hatfield Resident Fellows program consists of a 32-week assignment, typically starting in July and lasting through February (though there is some flexibility for alternative arrangements). Fellows work as PSU employees and are tasked with project management responsibilities, as agreed to between the Sponsor and CPS, typically through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). The cost to Sponsor a Hatfield Resident Fellow is $43,000.

Oregon Summer Fellowship

Program Description

The Oregon Summer Fellowship draws from the same national talent pool, targeting students still enrolled in their graduate-degree programs who are interested in a 10-week, full-time Fellowship (400 hours total) here in the Pacific Northwest for a public service entity in the government or non-profit sectors. During their fellowships, Oregon Summer Fellows retain their student status at their home institutions, while the contractual arrangements are similar between Sponsors and CPS, with most agreements also taking the form of an IGA. The cost to Sponsor an Oregon Summer Fellow is $10,500.


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