Program Description

The Hatfield Resident Fellows program targets postgraduate Master and Ph.D. students with a strong scholarship record and confirmed interest in public service and leadership. The Fellowship is a rigorous, project-oriented, professional and educational experience designed to provide each Fellow with an opportunity to acquire leadership skills with a public service agency in Oregon. The Hatfield Resident Fellows program consists of a 32-week assignment, specifically designed for recent graduates who have completed a Master or Ph.D. program within the last year, or who will receive their degree before their Fellowship begins.

Fellow Compensation

Hatfield Resident Fellows (HRFs) become limited-duration employees of PSU, in a wage appointment employment status. Fellows are overtime exempt employees and will receive $25,000 over the course of the Fellowship, paid on a salaried basis each month following all applicable Federal and State wage and hour laws and guidelines for a professional work week. Fellows sign a wage agreement with the University that details the term of service, including start and end dates. This is not a health benefits-eligible position and a background check is required.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Graduate Degree required: To be considered for a Fellowship, Fellows must have graduated from a graduate-level program at an accredited university within the year preceding the start of the Fellowship (e.g, by July 10, 2021 for Fellowships that commence on that date).
  2. Certain fields preferred – but not required. Historically, most Hatfield Resident Fellows have been drawn from such programs as  public administration, public policy, public affairs, or other related fields of study that are relevant to our sponsors (such as natural resource management, information technology, engineering, or urban planning). However, eligible potential Fellows can come from any academic field, provided they meet other eligibility criteria.
  3. Work Status: Fellows must show proof of being eligible to work in the United States for their entire Fellowship term.
  4. Application process. Candidates who wish to be considered for a Fellowship must complete all phases of the application process, within the time periods specified.
  5. Fellowship Institute and Professional Training.* Once selected, Fellows are required as part of their employment terms to participate in an initial 3-day Institute and monthly, continuing education events held by CPS during their Fellowships.
    1. For most 2021-22 Fellows, the initial Institute will be held in July, 2021
    2. A second Institute, scheduled for September, 2021 will be for “late start” Fellows or those who did not make the initial session.
  6. Fellowship employment dates. Fellows are asked to commit to work for 32 weeks, at 32 hours per week, with a 1-week observed winter break that will take place from December 17, 2021 to December 26, 2021 (work resumes Dec 27, 2021). Start and end dates may vary for individual Fellows, given Sponsor needs and Fellows’ particular circumstances. CPS, Sponsors, and Fellows may also mutually agree to different terms, provided the Fellowship adheres to the 1,024 hour framework and the general guidelines noted above.
  7. Employment Status: As limited duration employees of PSU, Hatfield Resident Fellows are required to comply with all applicable laws and PSU policies during the duration of their Fellowships.
  8. Compensation: Hatfield Fellows receive $3,125 a month ($25,000 total), and are eligible for sick-leave and public pension benefits. They do not, however, receive employer-paid health insurance.

What is the application process?

*These ongoing training and professional development activities aim to supplement each Hatfield Fellow's subject matter expertise by increasing their leadership and management capabilities. In addition, these events give Center for Public Service (CPS) an opportunity to teach the Fellows about the Northwest's rich policy heritage, the ethics and values that continue to shape the Northwest's policy making process, and introduce the Fellows to key decision makers.

** Please let the program staff know as soon as possible if you are intending to take additional employment with Portland State University.

‡ Qualified applicants currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program may be eligible for either the Hatfield or Oregon Summer Fellows Program. Please contact us to learn more.