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What Can I do With a Degree in Black Studies?

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Places of Employment

Black studies majors develop skills that are highly valued by employers. These skills include: research, analysis, writing, critical thinking, oral presentation, & problem solving skills. Students and alumni may find employment in government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and businesses depending on their skills and experience. Internships or relevant part-time jobs may be a prerequisite to finding employment.

Advising & Career Services' Resources

Advising & Career Services has a variety of resources to help students explore potential career fields. These resources include information about typical responsibilities, qualifications, career paths, job outlook, salary, and related careers.

  • Careers for Good Samaritans & Other Humanitarian Types
  • 100 Jobs in Social Change
  • Real People Working in the Helping Professions
  • Real People Working in Education
  • Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors
  • The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
  • Making a Living While Making a Difference

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Vocational Biographies

Vocational Biographies describes the career success stories of 1001 real people. Search by career title, keyword, topic, and career cluster. Username: Portland su and pass code: 3w9n

  • Social Service Program Coordinator
  • Relocation Specialist
  • Family Support Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Community Health Educator
  • Camp Director

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Professional Associations

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Internet Sites with Job Search Information for Black Studies Majors

Department of Black Studies - Portland State University

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