Create your Own Internship

Student standing in front a mural that says "You Build"

Identify a Goal 

What kind of experience would be interesting and beneficial to you?

Look for an opportunity that will enhance your academic experience and is interesting to you

Identify a Person, Place or Organization 

Who do you want to work with?

  • Research online to locate interesting organizations or companies in your field.
  • Network with contacts (e.g. family, friends, faculty, former employers) to discover additional possible internship sites. 
  • Review the What can I do with a degree in…? page for your major or academic program, which will offer a list of job postings that have been advertised at PSU and for which the employer sought students within your major. These lists give you direct access to the names of organizations that have a track record of seeking PSU students with skills in your academic area. You can use this knowledge to tailor a list of organizations to research and potentially contact.  

Make Contact 

  • Learn first-hand information through Informational Interviewing
  • Develop a formal internship proposal based upon acquired research and information from meeting.
  • Follow-up to present formal proposal and fine tune details with (refer to Making the Most of your Internship for appropriate goals and objectives).

For personalized guidance on creating your own internship, email our Internships Coordinator.