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  • Services during COVID-19 disruption:

    The University Career Center at Portland State is committed to providing services to our students and alumni, especially during this challenging time. We continue to be available for phone and video conference appointments Monday through Friday. Schedule your appointment below! 

    Career Counseling

    We offer 1-hour appointments. Same day appointments may be available. 
    PSU students and alumni of all majors are encouraged to connect with a career counselor to discuss:

    •  Finding a job/internship
    •  Career goals/planning
    •  Graduate school options
    •  Career development resources

    If you have questions about whether your needs are better addressed during drop-in hours or with an appointment, please give us a call.

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    Internships Guidance

    Appointments with our internships coordinator are typically scheduled for 1 hour.

    Meet with our internship coordinator to discuss anything you'd like to know about internships. Examples include:

    •  Why should I get an internship?
    •  How do I find an internship? How can I apply for an internship?
    •  Can I get credit for my internship?
    •  How can I include my internship experience on my resume when I'm looking for a job?

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    Drop-in has been suspended temporarily. However, you may be able to access same day appointments. You may also use the chat feature on our home page for quick questions.