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Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)-28 total credits (may be more depending on foreign language placement).

  • 12 credits in Arts & Letters (4 of these credits must be in Fine & Performing Arts)
  • 4 credits in Sciences/Math (excluding Math 100 or lower)
  • 8 credits in Social Sciences/Sciences/Math (excluding Math 100 or lower)
  • 4 credits1 in Foreign Language level 203 or higher (for students with no prior language training, this will require completion of 101-103 and 201-203 in same language.)
    1Students who are proficient in another language and who are waived the 4 credits of Foreign Language through a non-credit exam or TOEFL score must make up these 4 credits in the Arts & Letters distribution area (i.e., will need 16 credits in Arts & Letters, of which 4 must be in Fine & Performing Arts) in order to earn the 28 total credits required.
    More information about the BA Foreign Language requirement can be found on the World Languages & Literatures website.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)-28 total credits

  • 12 credits in Sciences (not including Math/Statistics; 8 of the 12 credits must be coursework with a lab or fieldwork)
  • 12 credits in Arts & Letters/Social Sciences
  • 4 credits in college-level Math/Statistics (excluding Math 100 or lower)

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

  • Students must complete a program of music and applied music as prescribed by the Music Department.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

  • Students must complete the specific program as prescribed by the department.

*Students completing a BS, BM or BFA who have not met the Second Language Admission requirement will also need to satisfy this requirement prior to graduation. Please see the World Languages & Literatures website for information how to satisfy the requirement.

With most majors you may select either the BA or the BS degree. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, Applied Linguistics, International Studies, Judaic Studies and World Languages majors may only earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, while Engineering and Computer Science majors may only earn a Bachelor of Science. Art Practice, Graphic Design and Creative Writing majors may only earn the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Some Music majors will earn a Bachelor of Music, while others may choose the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. The BFA and BM both require selective admission to the major via portfolio or audition. Please check with the appropriate academic advisor regarding options in your intended major.

Concurrent Degrees

Students may receive two different baccalaureate degrees in two majors at the same time (e.g., BA in English and BS in Environmental Science) by completing the following requirements:

  1. meet the requirements in the specific degree (BA, BS, BFA, BM, BFA), the general education requirements AND each major's requirements; 
  2. earn 36 credits beyond the 180 minimum required for a single baccalaureate degree (i.e., 216 credits total); and
  3. meet the PSU residence credit requirement by completing 45 of the last 60 or 165 of the total 216 at PSU.

Academic Distribution Areas for Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Arts and Letters


Social Science

American Sign Language, Applied Linguistics, Architecture*, Art*, Arts & Letters, Black Studies (221, 351-3, 421, 424-427 only), Communication, Conflict Resolution, Dance*, English/Writing, Film*, Fine & Performing Arts*, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Music*, Philosophy, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Theater Arts*

*Fine and Performing Arts

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Studies, Geography1 Geology, Physics, Science Education (SCI)

Criminology & Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Black Studies (except 221, 351-3, 421, 424-427), Chicano/Latino Studies, Child & Family Studies, Economics, Geography1, History, International Studies, Native American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology, Urban Studies & Planning, Women's Studies

1For catalogs 2015-16 and later, the following Geography (GEOG) courses will count as Science; those denoted with an asterisk will apply towards the 8 credits of lab science: 210*, 310*, 311, 312*, 313, 314, 320*, 322, 333, 340, 380*, 407, 413-415, 418, 420*, 475, 480-482, 484, 485, 488*, 489, 490, 492*, 493-497. For catalogs prior to 2015-16, courses on this list will count as Science if the course is taken Fall 2015 or later. If the course was taken Summer 2015 or earlier, the course will count as Social Science. All other GEOG courses not on the list above are considered Social Science, regardless of when taken or which catalog year is being used.