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MME Laboratories

Teaching & Research Laboratories

Biomaterial Testing Lab   EB 585   Jun Jiao
Capillary Fluidics and Dryden Drop Tower (DDT) Lab   EB 520   Mark Weislogel
Controls Lab   EB 565   David Turcic
Controls Research Lab   FAB 83B   David Turcic
Controls Setup Lab   EB 570   David Turcic
Fluids Lab   FAB 83   Derek Trethway
Freshman Engineering Lab   EB 365   Nathalie Neve
Green Building Research Laboratory (GBRL)   EB 530   Dave Sailor
Greenroof Design and Testing Lab   EB 575   Dave Sailor
Instrumentation Lab   EB 360   Derek Tretheway
Laser Lab   EB 480   Mike Chuning
Machine Shop   EB 145A   Mike Chuning
Materials Testing Lab   EB 475   Chien Wern
Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering Lab   EB 420   Hormoz Zareh
Microscale Lab   EB 580   Derek Tretheway
MME Captsone Lab   EB 510   Sung Yi
Nanodevice Fabrication Lab   EB 550   Jun Jiao
Nano-Electronic Packaging Lab I   EB 465   Sung Yi
Nano-Electronic Packaging Lab II   EB 470   Sung Yi
Nanomaterial Synthesis Lab   EB 560   Jun Jiao
NASA-PSU ISS Telescience Center   EB 595   Mark Weislogel
Rapid Prototyping Lab   EB 430   Faryary Etesami; Mike Chuning
The SWEET Lab™   EB 445/EB 460   Evan Thomas
Thermal Testing Facility (GBRL)   EB 525   Dave Sailor
Turbulence Lab   EB 590   Raul Cal
Viking Motorsports Lab   EB 495   Faryar Etesami
Wind Energy and Turbulence Lab (WET)   EB 115   Raul Cal