Facilitator/Presenter Needed

Parenting Across Race and Culture

The PIAA Student Center and Resource Center for Students with Children are teaming up to connect with multicultural and multiracial families.  We're hosting a facilitated conversation on March 4, at 1:00pm and are looking for a facilitator/presenter with lived experience as a multiracial or multicultural parent or caregiver, who also has experience facilitating conversations around race, culture, and parenting.  The event would be open to BIPOC parents and caregivers and white parents and caregivers with multiracial or multiethnic children.  The event could take a lot of different formats and structures - we'd love to chat with you about your ideas and share ours!

We'd need to meet with someone prior to the event, 1-2 meetings, one hour each.  Plus, the facilitator may need to spend time creating discussion materials or slides if they do not already have them.   Compensation for this project is $150.  If you're interested, please send a brief bio and proposal for how you'd facilitate the conversation to: sswc@pdx.edu.