Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy

The Jim Sells Child Care Assistance Program provides childcare assistance in the form of a subsidy to eligible student families who could not otherwise afford the full cost of child care while attending Portland State University. Students with dependent children who are carrying 8 or more undergraduate or 5 or more graduate/postbac credits are eligible to apply. This program is open to students with children enrolled in either on or off campus childcare.

The program can pay up to 50% of the cost of child care, depending on the student's financial need. Even if the deadline has passed, check and see if we still have funds available. Non-resident, international and undocumented students are welcome to apply. To apply, please review the eligibility requirements before you print out the forms below and attach the required documentation. You can then submit the forms to our office by the deadline. You can also scan the forms and email them to jimsells@pdx.edu if that's easier. If you have any questions, please stop by or give us a call on 503-725-9878. All working students who are Oregon residents must apply for Employment Related Day Care Assistance or DHS Child Care Assistance (if student is on TANF) unless they have proof they are over the income guidelines or unless their spouse is a student who does not work. If students need assistance applying, our office is happy to assist you. You must provide proof of application, such as an ERDC award or denial letter. For More information on Employent Related Day Care (ERDC) CLICK HERE. 

Guidelines for The Jim Sells Child Care Assistance Program
Please review the criteria above to see if you qualify to receive the Jim Sells Subsidy.

Jim Sells Online Application



Continuation Form. Every term after enrolling that your care continues, please submit the appropriate continuation form so we know about your current enrollment status, contact information, coverage needs, etc.


Cost of Attendance Increase Form In order to be eligible for Jim Sells, you must submit a this form once per year if you have not already.


Provider Invoice This form is only to be used if the provider does not offer a billing statement/invoice to parents using their services.


New Provider W-9 If your provider has not had a student with Jim Sells Child Care Subsidy in the past, they must submit this form in order to be paid.


Appeals Form:  this appeal form is for students not meeting Jim Sells requirements, yet feel they have extenuating circumstances that they want us to consider.