Apply Now to the Jim Sells Hardship Program

Winter 2021

Services for Students with Children is thinking of all of you and your families during this tumultuous time! We've been working hard to continue to support students with children (SWC) during the pandemic. We are very excited to continue to offer Jim Sells Hardship Program this winter.  

While many childcare centers remain closed, you may not be able to use the Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy. To lessen the impact of financial stress and loss of childcare, we have received approval from the Student Fee Committee and our SSWC Advisory Board to use unspent money from Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy to provide hardship funding. If you are experiencing financial stress to cover child(ren)’s food expenses while they’re home full-time, please apply for the Jim Sells Hardship Program - Food for Families. We hope this helps!

Please find the application and instructions for the Jim Sells Hardship Program - Food for Families

All PSU students are welcome to apply, provided that they meet the following requirements:

  1. Have dependent children.

  2. Must be enrolled in classes at PSU, at least half-time in winter 2021.  “Half time enrollment” means:

    1. at least 6 credits for undergraduate and post-bac students

    2. at least 5 credits for graduate students

    3. at least 1 credit for Ph.D. students, provided that they are also working on their dissertation.

  3. Household size of at least 2 people including yourself and children aged 17 or younger.

You are NOT eligible for the Jim Sells Hardship Program if

  1. You are planning to use Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy to pay for childcare during Winter 2021. (This won't affect your Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy's eligibility for spring term 2021)
  2. You are a staff member and using the staff tuition privilege. 

Please apply early - funds are not guaranteed and will likely go quickly! If you have questions, please email us at or visit our virtual office hours via Zoom. The winter term hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm.



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