On Campus Childcare

In addition to in-person childcare, Little Vikings is now also offering remote services. Services include free one-on-one virtual teacher playdates for children ages 3-12.  The Little Vikings online activity room, which is a place to send your kids for fun games, programs, and activities that they can do independently while you are in school. And ‘Crafting with Little Vikings,’ which takes place on Mondays from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm and Wednesdays from 5:30pm -6:30 pm as a free and fun comfortable space for children to enjoy crafting with Little Vikings teachers. Visit our remote support page to learn more about these services.


Marisol Barce: Director,  Little Vikings Flexible Child Care Center
Marisol graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Science with an option in Human Services. She has 10 years experience working with children, and she enjoys every minute of it.

Marisol is the youngest of four children, and her favorite thing to do as a child was to tag along with her older siblings.  She wanted to be around them at all times; she's not sure they had the same feeling. She loves working for PSU and, assisting students with children accomplish their goals by providing quality affordable, accessible, and safe occasional, reserved, and flexible childcare.

Outside of work, Marisol enjoys hiking. At work, she likes meeting and getting to know parents, and watching them graduate. Marisol just became a student parent, her daughter is two years old, and she sees the biggest challenge as not being able to spend enough time with her. Marisol’s goals include learning, and teaching her staff the knowledge and experience she acquires along the way. 

Kacy Gardner: Director,  Baby Vikings 

Kacy graduated from Portland Community College with an associate transfer in Science and is working towards a Bachelor's in Child Psychology from Portland State University. She is a student parent with 5 children of her own. Her passion for serving families began at a young age; helping her aunt care for foster children as a teen. That  began her journey of helping families. 

Working for PSU has provided an enlightening experience working with student parents. Prior to working at PSU, Kacy was an assistant director at a childcare center. Becoming the Director at Baby Vikings has provided opportunities for her to learn from the diverse community at PSU. 

Natasha Mason, Office Specialist, Little Vikings & Baby Vikings

 Natasha was a teacher at both Baby and Little Vikings for two years and has worked with children for nearly five years. She has an Associate’s Degree in Child Development with a certificate in Infant and Toddler Development. Currently she is majoring in English and is set to graduate in the fall of 2020.  She enjoys reading, taking care of kids, watching movies with her husband, and spoiling her niece and two nephews.
Natasha is working on developing resources to aid families and student staff, maintaining records, corresponding with families, providing support to both directors and the team at Services for Students with Children.