Our payroll is completed using the Oregon University System Banner program. Banner payroll features are reflective of the diverse population of employees representing all Position Types as well as many countries of residency or citizenship. We are committed to quality customer service and processing our payroll accurately and on time in compliance with federal and state regulations.

PSU processes monthly payroll, issuing paychecks on the last working day of each month. Our payroll processing dates are reflected on the Payday Schedule, Documents and Deadlines outline. Pay received each month may reflect hours worked for dates of the 1st through the last day of the month (monthly cycle) or the 16th of one month through the 15th of the next month (hourly cycle). Typically, employees who are in Classified and student positions or other positions that are non-benefits eligible are paid on the hourly cycle and employees who are in Unclassified benefits eligible positions are paid on the monthly cycle.

Time-keeping records must be submitted as outlined in the Payday Schedule, Documents and Deadlines outline. To review time-keeping options and access the appropriate paper and/or on-line forms, click here, Timesheets and Leave Rosters.

Questions regarding payroll may be directed to our payroll staff as follows:

  • General Payroll Questions - 503.725.4926
  • Online Timekeeping and Banweb - 503.725.5090