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As a PSU employee and a valuable member of the Portland community, you are important to our success. We designed our benefits package to reflect this belief.

You will find comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits, excellent tuition benefits, multicultural resources, wellness resources, and a network of supportive staff committed to workplace excellence.

For a quick summary, you may refer to our Benefits Overview. For more detailed information, our benefits are categorized under five identifiers: Core Benefits, Retirement, Time Off, Optional Benefits, and Wellness. The summaries on these pages are meant to familiarize you with the terms and pertinent information you need to remember in order to understand your benefits. All Core Benefits (except the EAP program) and Retirement Plans are administered centrally with our PSU partners, PEBB, PERS, or OPU.

Getting to know PEBB, PERS, & OPU

PSU is a State of Oregon employer and a participant in the "Public Employees' Benefit Board" (PEBB). PEBB offers medical, dental, life, accident, disability and long-term care insurance, and flexible spending accounts for you and eligible dependents. The Board also offers healthcare insurance options for retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare and others who may be eligible. The PEBB web site provides all the details related to those benefits. You can view the plan choices, learn about eligibility, enrollment procedures, and much more. There is Insurance and Provider contact information to assist you in your research in determining your plan choices.

The Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is a program governed by the State of Oregon that provides retirement plans, comprehensive retirement planning, and retirement education to all state employees. For many employees, PERS, which includes the voluntary Oregon Savings and Growth Plan, will be the one-stop location for all your retirement needs.

Oregon Public Universities (OPU) provides retirement and savings plans as well. OPU is a Department of Higher Education agency that reports directly to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. As part of its mission to advance higher learning, OPU provides administrative services for employees of its seven member universities. The Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) and the Tax Deferred Investment Plan (TDI) are two plans offered through OPU. Eligible unclassified employees, may choose the ORP in lieu of PERS plans. All employees may take advantage of the optional savings offered by the TDI plan.

Where you go from here is your choice. If you want to learn more, you can click through the menu items on the left side of the page or use the menus above to review benefits information.

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