Luke's Story

Luke Robinowitz earned his bachelor's degree from Portland State University. He's now enrolled in a master's program. He also experienced homelessness as a teen. He shared his story with us in the hopes of helping others. He wants to fight the stigma of homelessness and advocate for more services.

So you think you understand homelessness

Homelessness has become increasingly visible on our streets and in our media headlines. Everyone thinks they understand the issue, and many believe they know how to solve it. But they’re often wrong even about the most basic facts, and too often ignore the role that racism has played from the very beginning. 

Street Roots vendor believes that everyone deserves a voice

Desmond Hardison has been with Street Roots newspaper from the beginning, raising money and selling papers. He has a big heart for the organization and those experiencing homelessness. It's important that everyone has a voice, he said.

Busting myths about homelessness

This mythbusters page helps you identify what you think is true about homelessness and what is actually true. For example: How many more times likely is a person of color to experience homelessness? Do you think you know? Find out. 

PSU Campus Speaks Up

Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative asked community members to share a message about homelessness. The responses blew us away.