Financial Reporting Services

University Financial Services

Financial Reporting Services

About Us

We support the PSU community by providing reporting and monitoring outgoing electronic funds transactions, setting up chart of account elements, providing training and support for processing accounting-related issues, and managing PSU's material assets.

Chart of Accounts setup & JV support

  • Monitor and track outgoing wire transfers
  • Chart of Accounts element setup: new indexes, funds, organizations, activity codes
  • Journal Vouchers: approvals, training, related questions


Fixed Asset Services

  • Maintain centralized inventory control
  • Maintain Banner Fixed Assets and Access Database
  • Reconcile Banner Finance (FIS) and Fixed Assets monthly
  • Maintain PSU property loan agreements and personal property loan agreements
  • Maintain various forms related to property transfers, additions, deletions, and adjustments
  • Property Disposition Requests: removal or trade-in of PSU-owned equipment
  • Coordinate and assist departments with inventory of capitalized equipment
  • Risk Management: maintain records related to replacement and recovery of PSU property/equipment; monitor cost recovery for losses covered by PSU property insurance