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Accounts Payable

Vendor Setup and Maintenance 

Campus Accounting Services has entered into a partnership with PaymentWorks for our online vendor setup and maintenance platform.  We are calling our new partnership, PaymentWorks@PSU.

Vendors no longer have to submit a W9/W8 to PSU. Instead, departments can utilize PaymentWorks to send “invitations” to new vendors to get them onboard. This online vendor platform is free to our vendors and comes packed with advantages for them.  It adds fraud protection and the ability for them to view invoice payment status. Vendors will also be able to maintain their vendor profile themselves without going through departments. 

Departments can utilize PaymentWorks to invite new vendors and any existing vendors who contact you of changes to their name, TIN number, address, or banking information.  Campus Accounting will take on the task of inviting all other existing Banner vendors. To set up PSU employees and students as vendors, please refer to Vendor and ACH Setup Procedure for PSU Students and Employees

Please refer to the Resources links for instructions.

Department Forms Secure Upload

We now have a portal to receive all the following documents:

  • Wire documents
  • Special Handling Forms (not to be uploaded to OnBase)
  • Confidential Forms (not to be uploaded to OnBase)
  • Operating Advance Forms
  • Paper Travel Reimbursement Forms (for non PSU staff/faculty/students)
  • Moving Reimbursement Forms
  • Stipend Spreadsheets
  • Signature Authorization Forms

Please do not email them or upload them to OnBase. Campus Accounting Services will upload the Cover Sheet to OnBase on your behalf. You must be on PSU campus network (or VPN) and use your ODIN login to access the portal.

Accounts Payable Invoices

Campus Accounting Services is so thankful to the OnBase Team for working with us on developing the process OnBase APII for departments to upload their invoices into OnBase.  This electronic process is going to help invoices get paid almost seamlessly as we transition to remote work. Remember to NOT upload the following into OnBase:

  • Special Handling
  • Confidential invoices (legal, SSN#s listed, etc)

The upload link is for:

  • All vendor invoices
  • PSIs

Personal Reimbursements

We have launched Viking PRO, our online personal reimbursements module, as an effort to get reimbursements processed in a timely manner. We now expect all personal reimbursements to be entered into Viking PRO. Please cease emailing paper personal reimbursements to Campus Accounting. 

The paper Personal Reimbursement form must still be used for 1) Clearing Operating Advances 2) Replenishing Petty Cash.

To ensure timely payments to employees and students, banking information must be added or updated (if needed) by the employee or student via banweb. Please note that during the time of payroll processing (20th of the month through the end of the month) no adds or edits can be made to banking information.

Online trainings have been published for all the roles in the module. Please watch the instructional videos for your particular role first. For Viking PRO specific questions, please contact either Beth King at or

Before you start please note: The Travel Module is browser sensitive. It works best within the following browsers:

  • Windows PCs: Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Apple Macs: Firefox

Go to Viking Pro

Viking PRO Training Videos for Different Roles



Non-Resident Alien Payments

Payment made to a nonresident alien or foreign entity on U.S. source income is tax reportable & may be subject to tax withholding. Exemption or partial exemption from withholding is applied if the nonresident alien’s (NRA) resident country has a tax treaty with the United States & the nonresident alien or entity files the appropriate form to claim treaty benefits. For more information, please go to Vendor Payments to Non-Resident Aliens policy.

Accounts Payable Training

Come learn about Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures, how to upload Invoices and submit Personal Reimbursements online.