Key Requests

Facilities & Property Management performs services such as installation and service for locks, repairs from break-ins, retrofits for lock and hand-levers, repairs to card access systems, and issuing of brass keys.

Brass keys for interior doors are issued through forms with signature authorizations. When key(s) are ready for pick-up the recipient will be notified via email.

Cabinet keys can be requested using the Online Work Order System.

Questions about your key request? Call the Facilities and Property Management Front Desk at 503-725-3738 or email us at

Key transactions occur from 8:00am-4:30pm Mon-Fri at the Facilities and Property Management Front Desk located in the University Services Building Suite 202.

Follow the subsequent link if you would like to review the Key Policy.

Key Authorizations forms will no longer be processed without a valid and active Odin username. Your Odin account is your PSU computer account. Before using your account, you will need to activate it and create your password. More about Odin accounts can be found at the OIT Computer Accounts page.

All keys are subject to the current Fines and Fees Schedule. Fees will be charged directly to the assigned individual in the event that keys are lost or stolen:

Key Type PSU Employee/Student Key Replacement (per key) Non-PSU Organization/Individual Key Replacement (per key) Non-PSU Organization Deposit (per key)
Change Key $50.00 $500.00 $100
Master Key $150.00 $1500.00 $250
Grand Master Key $250.00 $3000.00 $500
Great Grand Master Key $350.00 $4000.00 N/A
Maximum per occurrence $1000.00 No Limit N/A

Key Authorization Forms:

Prior versions of the Key Authorization Forms, any versions other than those below, will NOT be accepted after the end of Fall Term 2016-2017, December 4th, 2016.

Key Authorization Form
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Key Ring Authorization Form -- For use by Planning, Construction, and Real Estate or Residence Life Personnel Only
(print using landscape format)

Robertson Life Sciences Building Key Authorization Form
(print using landscape format)

MCECS-SCS Key Authorization Form
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Lost Key Report Form

PSU-Affiliated Tenant and Contractor Forms

Key authorization forms for Contractors and Tenants affiliated with the University can only be accessed by FPM and CPC staff via the Facilities and Property Management Internal website on the Keys and Access page. Contractors must contact their designated Project Manager to coordinate key access authorization through Capital Projects and Constructions. Tenants must coordinate with the Commercial Property Management team for key authorization either directly or via Facilities Front Desk at 503-725-3738 or