Facility Impact Notices

Facilities and Property Management (FPM) and Capital Projects and Construction (CPC) will issue an impact notice anytime work could interfere with normal facility functions. Facility impacts that will be disruptive to occupants are scheduled to occur after hours or on weekends unless an emergency repair is required.

Click on any of the links below to find the Facility Impact Notice Google Group for that facility. Then select "Apply to join this group." You will be automatically added to the Google Group. If you're new to Google Groups, you can find additional information about them at the Google Learning Center.

Facility Impact Notice Google Calendar

Campus Wide

Parking Structures


Education & General Facilities

724H - 724 Harrison

PKM - Parkmill

AB - Art Building & Annex

PNT - University Pointe at College Station

ASRC - Academic and Student Recreation Center

PP - Ponderosa Pine

CGT - Campus Grounds Trailer

PSC - Peter W. Stott Center

CH - Cramer Hall

RLSB - Robertson Life Sciences Building

CIN - Fifth Avenue Cinema

RMNC - Richard & Maurine Neuberger Center

COR - Corbett Street Building

SB1 - Science Building 1

CPS - Campus Public Safety

SBH - Simon Benson House

EB - Engineering Building

SEC - Science and Education Center

EH - East Hall

SH - Shattuck Hall & Annex

DF - Douglas Fir

SMSU - Smith Memorial Student Union

FAB - Fourth Avenue Building

SRTC - Science Research & Teaching Center

GH - Green Houses

STFR - Stratford Hall

HAR - Harder House (HH)

UCB - University Center Building

HGCDC - Helen Gordon Child Development Center

UH - University Honors (UHP)

HOFF - Hoffmann Hall

UP - University Place Hotel

HSB - Harrison Street Building

URBN - Urban Center Building

KMC - Karl Miller Center

USB - University Services Building

LH - Lincoln Hall

UTS - University Technology Services

ML - Millar Library

WH - Western Hemlock

NASCC - Native American Student Community Center

WHP - West Heating Plant

Student Residence Facilities

BDWY - Broadway Residence Hall

OND - Ondine Residence Hall

BLKS - Blackstone Residence Hall

PRKW - Parkway Residence Hall

BLU - Joseph C. Blumel Residence Hall

SEH - Stephen Epler Residence Hall

KNGA - King Albert Residence Hall

STHL - Saint Helens Residence Hall

MONT - Montgomery Residence Hall