Our Mission, Vision, And Guiding Principles


Supporting Student Success


Facilities and Property Management (FPM) is recognized as an exceptionally talented team built from a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about providing the highest levels of quality craftsmanship, customer service, and teamwork through sustainable practice and who take pride in supporting the mission of the University.

Guiding Principles

Customer Service:

FPM employees provide the highest level of customer service to all members of the Portland State University campus community. Our goal is to provide accurate information and timely execution for stakeholders in all facets of our work. Our staff takes ownership of each customer’s satisfaction and are considerate of our customers in the scheduling and completion of all processes. Team Members are friendly and approachable while adhering to all department and University policies.


Collaboration is central to the functioning of FPM and the services it provides; we are first and foremost a community of people working together to create value for our stakeholders. We look for candidates that are ambitious self-starters that lead by example; individuals that know when to step up and lead and when to play a supporting role. Integrity and inclusivity are required qualities for success as we serve a diverse campus community, often balancing competing priorities. FPM strongly believes projects that involve teamwork also serve as an opportunity for professional development and learning. Team Members will help foster our culture of equity and trust by demonstrating compassion, honesty, and accountability


Professionalism is the conduct and qualities of a person who pursues excellence in their profession through discipline, ethical behavior, and continuous improvement. FPM employees think through complexities and nuances, anticipate problems, and devise efficient solutions. The department expects employees to provide the highest possible level of service in their field or trade and emphasizes the importance of continued professional development. Team members will hold themselves accountable for their work, words, and behavior, as well as respect each individual’s worth and dignity.


FPM employees understand effective communication relies on honesty and transparency. Whether in-person or electronically, our staff are expected to use the appropriate etiquette and method of communication for each situation. The department encourages staff to make and manage relationships upward, downward, and laterally. Team members demonstrate professional and thoughtful communication skills including listening for understanding, asking clarifying questions as needed, and providing constructive feedback.


Safety is of the utmost importance for the work our department undertakes. Maintaining relationships with Campus Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety and other key safety personnel is vital for our success. FPM employees always endeavor to create and maintain a safe working and learning environment for the campus community at large. Team members recognize that safety is always the first priority in everything they do and their conduct adheres to all applicable safety guidelines.