The Honors Track in Environmental Science and Management will allow outstanding undergraduate students to obtain recognition for exceptional performance in coursework and research.

Benefits to being part of the ESM Honors Program:

  1. Students will gain real life experience that will assist them when applying to graduate school and/or for a professional career position.
  2. Students have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor and the graduate students in his/her lab.
  3. Strengthens student's resume and opportunities for letters of recommendation.
  4. Provides students access to professional networking contacts.

Program Description:

This program is designed for upper division ESM majors who wish to deepen their knowledge base in a particular area of interest.  Under the guidance of an assigned faculty advisor, participants will identify a research project that will include readings, field or lab work, and a thesis.  The program is designed to be completed over three quarters beginning Spring term:

  1. First quarter - ESM 405 (Reading - 3 credits)
  2. Second quarter - ESM 401 (Research - 4 credits)
  3. Third quarter - ESM 403 (Thesis - 2 credits)

In conjunction with their faculty advisor, students will develop a relevant reading list and develop a plan for their lab or field research.  Students are also expected to attend a quarterly meeting organized by the department Program Coordinator at which participants will exchange ideas and information about their work.

Participant Requirements:

  1. Students are expected to do a minimum of 10 hours/week of research/lab/field work during their second quarter of the program.
  2. Students will create a poster or presentation at the fall quarter Student Research Colloquium or at the Sigma Xi symposium in the spring. 
  3. Students must complete 3 terms of study (outlined above)
  4. Students must maintain a "B" or better on required Honors courses and overall GPA each term in order to continue in the program.  A pass/fail option is not permitted.
  5. Students must write a thesis.

Admission Requirements:

1) Minimum 3.5 overall GPA as well as in required departmental courses.

2) Applicant must be a declared Environmental Science or Environmental Studies major.

3) Applicant must submit the ESM Honors Application form.

4) Applicant must submit a one page essay outlining what skills and/or training s/he hopes to gain from the ESM Honors program and what forms of guidance would be most helpful from their advisor.*

5) Applicant must submit the most recent quarter's DARS report.

6) Applicant must be of junior standing.

Applications are due no later than February 24, 2021.  Participants will be selected from a pool of applicants and assigned a faculty advisor.

*Note: although it is not a requirement, students are encouraged to pre-identify a specific research project before applying.  This can be done in consultation with a faculty member or simply by stating in your essay what interest area you wish to explore.  Applicants will be informed of their selection Winter quarter.

For more information about the program please contact ESM's Curriculum and Assessment co-Chair, Dr. Jeff Gerwing at (503) 725-4482 or jgerwing@pdx.edu.