Our department has 10 full-time and tenure-track faculty. We also have an additional fifteen or more associated faculty, adjunct faculty and research staff.

Environmental Science and Management offers two undergraduate degrees - Environmental Studies and Environmental Science. We also offer a minor in Sustainability.

At the graduate level, students can earn a Master of Science, a Masters of Environmental Management, or a Professional Science Masters degree. Students can also earn a Certificate of Hydrology.

Environmental Science and Management offers a doctoral degree through the Earth, Environment, and Society PhD program.

Environmental Science and Management is distinct in that we also host five research centers or programs. These are the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, the Aquatic Bioinvasions Research and Policy Institute (collaboratively with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center), the Student Watershed Research Program, Environmental Professional Program, and the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Program.

Environmental Science and Management Mission Statement (To Be Added)

Environmental Science and Management Department By-Laws (To Be Revised and Added)