Graduate Admissions

Graduate student studying waste-water standing in river

Do more, solve more, become more.

We need engineers who can tackle the complex problems of today and overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Computer scientists who can evolve cyber systems and mitigate global risk. Analysts able to dive into a sea of data and extract what’s essential. Researchers who innovate to improve the health of our planet

A graduate degree from the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science prepares you to do all these things and more. Our Civil and Environmental Engineering graduates build highways and clean our drinking water. Computer Science students delve into artificial intelligence, computer privacy among other areas. Graduates find positions as computer network architects, game developers, information security analysts, and more.

Our Mechanical Engineering students research nanomaterials and semiconductors and graduates work in a wide array of industries, from healthcare to space exploration. Thanks to experience-based learning, exceptional facilities, and extraordinary research opportunities, our students are prepared for nearly anything. And they’re being trained in a location where their skills are in high demand.