Covid-19 Outbreak Campus Event Guidelines

Events with proper distancing can be held in the Smith ballroom.

Current Status


  • Meeting spaces and tabling spaces are available for internal groups of 25 or less. 
  • Events of more than 25 people are not allowed on campus through April 30, 2021.
  • External (non-PSU) events are not allowed on campus through April 30, 2021
  • Tabling spaces outside Smith can be reserved and used. 
  • Space requests must be submitted at least 10 days in advance via the CESU Event Inquiry Form
  • All attendees must wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing and abide by University public health guidelines.

To Hold a Meeting

Note: Do not use the EMS online app at this time. Schedule all events through the CESU office.


Send a request via the Campus Events & Student Union office Event Inquiry Form

  • A CESU staff member will be in contact to finalize the reservation. Be sure to let staff know your plans for hybrid meetings (those that will include in-person and virtual attendees). Ask about the status of multimedia gear in your meeting room. Many Smith meeting rooms are being upgraded this fall.
  • Notify your attendees of the guidelines for meeting attendance. Our Covid-19 Event Information PDF can be shared with attendees in advance. 
  • Work with CAVET if AV assistance is needed.
  • Submit a plan to PSU Eats if catering is sought.


Preview of meeting attendance PDF. Clicking link will take you to the PDF.



On the day of the meeting, plan to arrive a few minutes early if you need to prepare for a Zoom or virtual component. This will be included the scheduled time on your reservation to avoid overlaps.
Important: Event organizers are responsible for informing attendees about proper public health protocols. 

  • Be sure all attendees are wearing face coverings. Face coverings should be worn by presenters and attendees during the entire event.
  • Ask attendees to respect proper physical distancing rules.
  • Remind attendees that University guidelines on public health need to be followed during the event. Ask anyone who has a high temperature or appears visibly ill to depart Smith and attend virtually, if possible.
  • All attendees need to sign the event contact list upon arrival. This information will only be used in the event a Covid-19 case is identified in Smith at the time of your event. 
  • If an attendee needs accommodations regarding face coverings or physical distancing, make sure all attendees are aware that accommodations are being made so that others can choose whether or not to remain. It is best practice not to identify individual(s) while making these announcements. Contact your event manager or CESU staff if you need further assistance respecting an accommodation.
  • At the end of your event, notify the CESU staff you have finished using the room.
  • Rooms will be cleaned following each event.

What to Expect From CESU

Your meeting will be scheduled in a room with enough space to allow your group proper physical distancing. You will be charged for the size of room you request even if CESU has to move you to a larger room. We recommend you not rearrange the layout of the room. 

  • Your room will be touch-point cleaned prior to the event and closed until your meeting begins.
  • A table near the entry will be provided at no extra cost for use as a public health check-in spot.
  • Hand sanitizers are located throughout Smith.
  • An on-site event manager will be available to assist with questions and concerns. 
  • Rooms will be cleaned after each event.

Additional information on hosting a campus meeting or event during Portland State's phased return to campus for fall term.   •   503-725-2663