BA114 The Competencies of a Business Analyst

Certificate Track: Business Analysis

Knowing how to apply the tools and techniques of business analysis does not guarantee that a person will become a valued analyst. How the analyst carries out the work is nearly as important as the work itself. Participants discuss and experiment with several behaviors, characteristics, knowledge, and personal qualities that support the practice of business analysis. They have the opportunity to complete a specially designed questionnaire that will help them evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and prepare an action plan for personal development.

The course will also take a look at software tools that are available to help analysts do their job, including analytically focused tools as well as the emerging collaborative tools available "in the cloud."

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  • What are the competencies of analytical thinking and problem solving?
  • What behavioral characteristics should an analyst have?
  • What business knowledge is needed of an analyst?
  • What communications skills must an analyst possess?
  • What interaction skills are necessary as a part of the analyst’s work?
  • What software expertise is important for an analyst and what new software will become more important?

How You Benefit

  • Describe the behaviors, characteristics, knowledge, and personal qualities that support the practice of business analysis
  • Identify fundamental skills required for each competency area
  • Evaluate their own analyst competencies for strengths and weaknesses

Cost: $599
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Instructor: Ron Sarazin
 Ron Sarazin specializes in training and consulting project management, business analysis, visual management, customer service, and strategic planning. He has more than 15 years of experience as a manager/officer in a wide variety of businesses and a few more years than that as the owner of his own business consulting and training company. 




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