BA111 Getting the Requirements Right

Certificate Track: Business Analysis

Requirements serve as the foundation for business analysis.  It provides guidance to the business solution possibilities; so getting the requirements right is critical.  This course shows how to bring out requirements from the stakeholders, even when they might not fully understand their own needs. 

Several techniques are explored that help the participant address a variety of stakeholder scenarios, ranging from individual interviews to conducting focus groups with several stakeholders to conducting surveys to get feedback from a large population of stakeholders.
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Once requirements are gathered, it is important that they are communicated back to the stakeholders in a way that clarifies understanding and agreement, and that the requirements are managed so as when change occurs the important messages are not blurred.  Participants in this course learn how to identify which sets of requirements are relevant to which stakeholder groups and how to present those requirements in an appropriate format for that audience.  The participants learn how to trace requirements and keep them maintained and reusable, as well as manage stakeholder requests for change and link requirements to business goals and objectives.
What You Cover

  • What is elicitation?
  • How do you ensure that all needed resources are organized and scheduled for conducting the elicitation activities?
  • How do you meet with stakeholders to identify their needs?
  • How do you document information provided by stakeholders for use in analysis?
  • How do you validate that the stated requirements expressed by the stakeholder match the stakeholder’s understanding of the problem and the stakeholder’s needs?
  • How do you obtain and maintain consensus among key stakeholders regarding the overall solution scope and the requirements that will be implemented?
  • How do you create and maintain relationships between business objectives, requirements, other team deliverables, and solution components?
  • How do you manage requirements following their implementation?
  • How do you prepare a requirements package?
  • How do you communicate requirements in order to bring stakeholders to a common understanding?

How You Benefit

  • Effectively elicit requirements throughout the analysis effort
  • Schedule resources
  • Identify stakeholder concerns
  • Provide supporting materials
  • Communicate requirements to stakeholders
  • Review required approvals
  • Keep requirements maintained and reusable
  • Trace requirements
  • Prepare a requirements package

Cost: $599
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Instructor: Chris Dennis
 Christopher Dennis has been developing, delivering, and evaluating solutions since 1988. He has an unusual breadth and depth of experience, working at the intersection of people, process, and technology. As a teacher, Chris brings insight without loss of detail or subtlety. He loves to cook, has visited more than thirty-five countries, and likes jazzy music better than country.



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