Undergraduate Research & Mentoring Program

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Application deadline: Sunday, September 30, 23:59 pm.

Among the college’s signature offerings, the Undergraduate Research & Mentoring Program (URMP) funds undergraduate research for students majoring in all Maseeh College undergraduate disciplines. Students will learn how to conduct research and work with a faculty mentor on an exciting research project.


Check out this great video shot by Dr. Christof Teuscher of students discussing the projects they worked on and their experiences while participating in URMP.














Program structure:

Program eligibility:

  • MCECS undergraduate student
  • sophomore or junior standing
  • strong academic record
  • strong interest in research
  • no MECOP, CECOP, EWX, PCEP or other internships.

**Women and underrepresented students are highly encouraged to apply**

Students are required to:

  • Participate in the research training during the fall term
  • Work with a faculty mentor on a research project during the winter and spring term
  • Submit weekly progress reports
  • Present their research at the end of the spring term


Application deadline: September 30, 23:59 pm.

New application: http://bit.ly/URMPApplication2019


Q: Do I have to have any special prior knowledge before I apply to this program?

A: No, one goal of the program is to get students to learn new things.

Q: Do I need to pick a project and a faculty mentor for the fall term?

A: No, this will be done once you completed the fall term.


Q: What time commitment will the fall term training require?

A: A 1h weekly meeting plus about 2-4h of homework per week.


Q: How much time will I have to spend on a research project in the winter and spring term?

A: Roughly 8-10h per week. In reality, the most successful students spend more time in their labs.


Q: Can the project continue into the summer?

A: Yes, absolutely, if your faculty mentor is on board as well. Support will be dependent on funding.


​​​​​​Q: Why are freshmen not eligible?

A: In our experience, freshmen are too busy with other things and it's in their best interest to do well in classes. Also, MCECS programs do not typically admit freshmen into their programs.

Q: Why are internships and the URMP not compatible?

A: It's a matter of time, the day only has 24h. In addition, the URMP is geared toward students who are interested in graduate school.

Q: Can I re-apply to the URMP once I completed a year (or more) of research?

A: We want to provide an opportunity to as many new students as possible. We therefore only provide funding for the first year. For additional years, we expect faculty to fund your research experience.

Q: Can I re-apply if I do not get admitted?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I apply if I'm already working with a faculty mentor on a research project?

A: Absolutely. Make sure you mention that on your application under "Do you have any prior research experience?"


Q: How much is the stipend?

A: That depends on the available funding and the number of qualified applicants. We are typically able to pay somewhere between $600-$800 per term.

Q: Will there be several cohorts this year?

A: Not anymore. There will be one application deadline.


Q: Can I get credit for being part of the URMP?

A: No.


Questions? Please contact urmp@cecs.pdx.edu.

View past participants, student posters and abstracts at PDX Scholar.