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What Can I do With a Degree in Geology?

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Advising & Career Services' Resources

Advising & Career Services has a variety of resources to help students explore potential career fields. These resources include information about typical responsibilities, qualifications, career paths, job outlook, salary, and related careers.

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Vocational Biographies

Vocational Biographies describes the career success stories of 1001 real people. Search by career title, keyword, topic, and career cluster. Username: portland su and pass code: 3w9n

  • Geophysicists
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • State Park Resource Ecologist

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Professional Associations

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Internet Sites with Career-Related Information for Geology Majors

  • What can I do with a Major in...Geology? — From the Career Services Office at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina. Includes a "representative sample of current job titles of former [UNCW] Geology majors."
  • Careers in Geology From the Department of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
  • Geology — Lists potential job titles and related skills. From the University Career and Employment Services at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.
  • College Majors and Career Opportunities - Geological Sciences — Lists related occupations and types of employers. From Career Services, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • Careers in Geology — From the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.
  • Geoscience Workforce — Describes careers in the Geosciences. From the American Geological Institute.
  • Geologists and Geophysicists — From the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • Geology: What Can I Do With This Major? — Outlines common career areas, identifies typical employers, and suggests general strategies to enhance employability. From Career Services at the University of Tennessee.

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Internet Sites with Job Search Information for Geology Majors

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Places of Employment

Geology majors may find employment in a variety of fields depending on their skills and experience. Places of employment for geologists include: government agencies, businesses (petroleum and natural gas companies, mining companies, environmental engineering and consulting firms), research institutes, and educational institutions.

The following list of employers and job titles was primarily derived from Advising & Career Services' jobs database where the employer specifically requested geology majors. This list does not reflect all potential places of employment or kinds of jobs for geology majors. This list does not reflect current openings.

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Department of Geology — Portland State University

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