PSU Alumni in Office

Take a look at Oregon elected officials who are PSU alumni.

Oregon House:

Teresa Alonso Leon

Teresa Alonso Leon, Democrat, House District 22 
Master of Public Administration, 2013




Zach Hudson

Zach Hudson, Democrat, House District 49
Master of Education, 2005




Bobby Levy

Bobby Levy, Republican, House District 58
Bachelor of Science, 1992
Master of Business Administration, 1995




Khanh Pham

Khanh Pham, Democrat, House District 46
Master of Urban Studies, 2018




Tawna Sanchez

Tawna Sanchez, Democrat, House District 43
Master of Social Work, 2012




Andrea Valderrama

Andrea Valderrama, Democrat, House District 47
Executive Master of Public Administration, 2018



Oregon Senate:

Chris Gorsek

Chris Gorsek, Democrat, Senate District 25
Doctor of Philosophy, 2004




Rob Wagner

Rob Wagner, Democrat, Senate District 19
Bachelor of Arts, 1997




Non-degreed alumni

Lew Frederick

Lew Frederick, Democrat, Senate District 22





Metro Council

Lynn Peterson

Metro Council President, Lynn Peterson
Master of Urban & Regional Planning, 1995
Master of Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2008