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DSaP Curriculum


Most seminars are available for either graduate or undergraduate credit.

To see a tape of the final production of the Theater Workshop 2012, go to: Alltagsmasken   

The Deutsche Sommerschule also offers the Goethe Institut tests: Zertifikat Deutsch, B2 and C1.

Graduate Study in German

  • The Deutsche Sommerschule, in conjunction with Portland State University, offers a graduate study program leading to the Master of Arts degree in German. Prospective candidates are expected to have a BA from an accredited institution with a concentration in the field of German. Graduate students from other universities may arrange transfer credit.
  • Prospective MA students need to apply to the Deutsche Sommerschule AND the graduate school separately.
  • Contact Steven Fuller for more information.

Credit Load

  • Students earn 12 quarter hours of undergraduate or graduate credit in the five-week session. Credit is granted through Portland State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students may wish to arrange transfer credit with their home institutions. Classes are also available on a pass/no pass or audit option.

2015 Courses Will Include:

Course Nr. 

Course Title 

Ger 301/302
Ger 411/511
Ger 412/512
(4 credits)

Language and conversation courses for undergraduates include the intensive study of grammar and syntax, with emphasis on vocabulary in daily usage.  Grading for the language courses is based on written and oral participation.

Ger 301/302 Intermediate German
Wortschatz, Konversation, Grammatik, Schreiben.

Ger 411/511/412/512 Advanced German
Wortschatz, Konversation, Grammatik und Syntax; Textanalyse; Aufsatzschreiben.  

Ger 407/507
(4 credits)

Film Seminar: East German in Film Since 1990

Ger 408/508
(4 credits)

Theater Workshop

Ger 410/510
(4 credits)

Hauptseminar: Literature of the 1990 Revolution

Ger 410/510
(4 credits)

Germany Since 1990

Ger 410/510
(4 credits)

Germany on Stage and in Drama

Ger 410/510
(4 credits)

New German Language and Pronunciation