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Cine-Lit is a continuing, cooperative organization created by the Departments of World Languages and Literatures at Portland State University and Oregon State University that, in close conjunction with the Portland International Film Festival, organizes an international symposium on Hispanic film and fiction every three years. Since its conception in 1990, the global objective of the Cine-Lit has been twofold. Its primary goal is to provide academic fora dedicated to the critical analysis of the relationship between Hispanic culture, cinematography, and fiction. The project's other endeavor is to promote the enrichment of a broad spectrum of Oregon's population's comprehension of the Hispanic world's diverse cultures via the viewing of the most recent Hispanic films at the Portland International Film Festival and via direct contact with Hispanic cineastes and writers at the symposia, screenings, and local college campuses.

The Cine-Lit has managed to invite a number of both prestigious and young Hispanic cineastes and writers to its conferences. Their presence at the symposia and participation in the round table discussions and the Q&A sessions after the screenings of their films at the Portland International Film Festival create an especially informative conference, information that is used in both research and the classroom. The list of directors, screenwriters, and novelists from Spain and Latin America who have participated in Cine-Lit continues to grow impressively. Amongst the guests at Cine-Lit II were Galician director, Chano Piñeiro; Basque director, Arantxa Lazcano, and veteran cineastes Pedro Olea and Pilar Miró (the conference offered a retrospective of the latter's films). Latin American directors present at Cine-Lit III included Mexicans Ernesto and Eva Rimoch, and Argentina's Juan Carlos Desanzo and Eliseo Subiela, and Colombian director Sergio Cabrera (again a retrospective of his works was offered). During Cine-Lit IV Andalusian director Pilar Távora screened her version of García Lorca’s Yerma, and Helena Taberna presented Extranjeras. Veteran Mexican director Felipe Cazals, debutant Mexican directors Ricardo Benet, Andrés León, Jaime Aparicio, and Argentine director Enrique Gabriel (who now lives and works in Madrid) were invited to Cine-Lit VI.

Cine-lit VII took place on the PSU campus on February 24-26, 2011. This international conference on Hispanic Cinema is organized in conjunction with professors and people from Oregon State U, U of Oregon, the Northwest Film Institute and the Mexican Consulate in Portland. WLL Professors Fernando Fabio Sánchez and Isabel Jaén Portillo are the two main organizers from PSU.

This time, Cine-lit invited 6 filmmakers from Latin America and Spain, as well as very important specialists on Hispanic cinema, Prof. Roman Gubern from U of Barcelona, and Prof. Charles Ramirez Berg from U of Texas at Austin. Furthermore, 220 scholars from Europe, Latin America, and Canada participated in the conference presenting papers. The Portland International Film Festival screened 18 films from the Hispanic World as part of Cine-lit VII.

The selected conference proceedings are published within a year after each meeting. These publications are now found on library shelves around the world.

Photos from the 2011 Cine-Lit VII

Cine-Lit VIII

Standing, left to right: Cine-lit organizers Guy Wood and Fernando Fabio Sánchez; film directors Felipe Cazals, Marcelino Islas, and Amat Escalante; Northwest Film Center Director Bill Foster; Cine-lit organizer Jaume Martí-Olivella; film writer Roberto Brodsky. Left to right, sitting: Cine-lit organizer Gina Herrmann; film directors Ricardo Benet and Oriol Porta; Cine-lit organizer Isabel Jaén Portillo; and PSU CLAS Dean Marvin Kaiser.

Cine-Lit VIII-2


Cine-lit PSU organizers Fernando Fabio Sánchez and Isabel Jaén Portillo and Mexican film director Felipe Cazals with World Languages and Literatures Chair, Jennifer Perlmutter.


Photos from the 2011 Cine-Lit VI


In the photo: From left to right, Andrés León (Más que a nada en el mundo 2006), Jaime Aparicio (El mago 2004), Ricardo Benet (Noticias lejanas 2004), Enrique Gabriel (Las huellas borradas 1999, Suspiros del corazón 2006), Felipe Cazals (Canoa 1976, El apando 1976, Las vueltas del citrillo 2006), Fernando Fabio Sánchez (PSU-WLL), Guy H. Good (OSU-FLL), Jaume Martí-Olivella (University of New Hampshire), and Oscar Fernández (PSU-WLL). Cine-Lit VI; February 2006.