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Campus Cultural Sustainability Tour Map

Check out our recently updated Cultural Sustainability Tour map. Learn about the social impacts students can make throughout PSU and PSU’s Cultural Centers.

Descargar nuestro mapa de paseo guiado de sustentabilidad cultural (PDF) y aprender los impactos sociales que estudiantes pueden hacer en Portland y con

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    Sustainability Leadership Toolkit

    This resource includes over eighteen folders of resources related to sustainability leadership.

    Chuck-it for charity

    Green Events Guide

    The Green Events Guide is a resource for groups that are interested in implementing sustainable practices into their programming. The resource provides information on actions that can be taken regardless of the size, location, or audience of an event. Check out the linked PDF for more info.

    Green dining

    Campus Sustainability Green Planning Kit

    Departments can borrow the Campus Sustainability Green Party Kit, a set of durable dishware for up to an audience of 100.

    Additional Campus Resources