Bachelor's + Master's Sociology Degree

Bachelor's + Master's in Sociology

The Sociology Bachelor's + Master's Degree program allows current Sociology majors to complete a master's degree in as little as five years. Students admitted into the Sociology B+M program are able to take up to 20 credit hours of approved 500-level course work as an undergraduate, at an undergraduate tuition rate*, and apply the credits to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

PSU graduate training in Sociology prioritizes community engagement and policy-relevant research focused on improving people's daily lives and society more broadly. The B+M program prepares graduates for social science research careers in government, the non-profit sector, and private industry. The B+M is a terminal non-thesis master's degree. Students interested in a PhD in Sociology should not apply to the B+M program; rather, students should apply to Sociology PhD programs in the fall of their final year of undergraduate course work. 

Course Requirements for the Master's in Sociology Degree

Soc 590 Social Research Strategies

Soc 591 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

Soc 592 Qualitative Methods

Soc 593 Quantitative Methods

Soc 537 Qualitative Data Analysis

Soc 695 Advanced Quantitative Methods

Soc 507 Professionalization Seminar

Five graduate level electives

Total credits

4 credits









Admissions Criteria

  • Declared PSU Sociology major with a junior or senior standing who has completed (or is currently enrolled in ) SOC 200, SOC 396, SOC 397, and SOC 398
  • 3.5 GPA for PSU Sociology courses, 3.3 PSU GPA

Admission Deadlines
There are three annual deadlines for the initial application:

  • November 1 for a Winter term start
  • February 1 for a Spring term start
  • May 1 for a Fall term start

Application Process

1. Attend info session (or watch information session video). The info session will be Thursday January 7 at 11 am, Zoom link 

2. Complete an advising appointment with Kris Lucht Adams ( or Ben Alberts ( You must review with an advisor whether or not you meet the admission criteria before you can complete the initial application process. 

3. Complete an initial application which includes:

  • The date of your advising meeting with Kris Lucht Adams or Ben Alberts. Note: your initial application will not be reviewed until you meet with Kris or Ben.
  • The names of two PSU Sociology faculty members who have agreed to support your application. Note: See list of faculty here. We will confirm with faculty members that they support your application, so you must contact your faculty members prior to submitting your initial application.
  • A description of your career goals. Note that the Sociology B+M program prepares graduates for social science research careers in government, the non-profit sector, and private industry. The B+M is a terminal non-thesis Master's degree and is intended for those wishing to pursue work outside of academia.

4. Formal Admission: Students who are accepted into the B+M program (based upon the review of the initial application, faculty support, GPAs, and coursework) will be sent information via email on how to complete their formal admission to the PSU Sociology Masters (Non-Thesis) Program via the PSU portal. Students will not be required to submit GRE scores. Please do not apply for formal admission to our master's program until you have received confirmation of your acceptance to the program.

For more information, email to set up an appointment.