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Portland State University is committed to supporting students’ safe access to their education. Sexual assault, sexual/gender-based harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking are all prohibited at PSU. Students have many options for accessing support, both on and off campus.

This Resource List outlines the support resources and reporting options on this site.

Reporting Options:

For information on how to submit a report please go to the Reporting Options webpage.

On-Campus Confidential Support Services & Resources:

Students have a right to confidential advocacy in order to understand all their reporting options and Title IX rights, and to access wraparound support.

Confidential Advocates:

Call and request an appointment with a confidential advocate at 503.894.7982 or book online. More information is available on the advocates website.

Advocates are located in the following locations:

  • Women’s Resource Center (serving all genders),
    Smith Memorial Student Union 1825 SW Broadway, Suite 439
  • Jessica Mena: Queer Resource Center,
    Smith Memorial Student Union 1825 SW Broadway, Suite 458
  • Michelle Lee: Diversity & Multicultural Services,
    Smith Memorial Student Union 1825 SW Broadway, Suite 425 
  • Yoko Honda: International Student Services (serving international students),
    Karl Miller Building Suite 660M, 615 SW Harrison St, Portland, OR 97201
  • Yolonda Salguiero: Native American Student and Community Center,
    710 SW Jackson St.

Confidential Advocates are specially-trained in the dynamics of sexual and relationship violence and provide support within the PSU Sexual & Relationship Violence Response Program. The advocates talk to students about all their rights and options available to them when they have experienced circumstances such as dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Students can disclose information to confidential advocates, and the advocates will not release information to university officials or law enforcement without the students’ consent, with limited exceptions. 

Confidential advocates provide:

  • A safe, non-judgmental space for discussing your circumstances and experiences
  • Knowledgeable support regarding reporting options, both on campus and with law enforcement 
  • Assistance with safety planning to ensure a student’s ability to safely attend classes, work on campus, and participate in campus life
  • Assistance in requesting academic accommodations, including extensions, incompletes, withdrawals and dropped courses, or a change in classroom or course section
  • Assistance in navigating on-campus housing lease breaks or room changes
  • Assistance with writing off-campus lease break support letters
  • Assistance in connecting to medical or mental health resources through Student Health and Counseling
  • Assistance in applying for Crime Victim Compensation Program benefits
  • Assistance with accessing legal services and protective orders
  • Support during any campus processes including filing formal grievances, Title IX investigations, and Student Conduct hearings
  • Unconditional support for any choices you make regarding accessing services, reporting to law enforcement and campus officials, and navigating on-and off-campus services

Exceptions to Advocate confidentiality include: (1) if the student seeking services indicates an intent to harm others; (2) if the student reveals abuse or neglect of a child, including oneself if the student is under the age of 18, or of an elderly or disabled adult; (3) if a court of law orders disclosure of information.  Confidentiality, in these cases, will be limited to the extent the law permits or requires.

The Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

1880 SW 6th Ave | 503.725.2800 

SHAC provides confidential counseling and medical care to registered PSU students, including:

  • Counseling 
  • Trauma-informed sexual assault nurse services and forensic evidence collection. 
  • Any information you share with a SHAC employee will not be disclosed to outside parties without your written consent, except in very limited exceptions as required by law. 

The exceptions to confidentiality may include: (1) if the student seeking services indicates an intent to harm oneself or others; (2) if the student reveals abuse or neglect of a child, including oneself if the student is under the age of 18, or of an elderly or disabled adult; (3) if a court of law orders disclosure of information about your treatment; (4) if you initiate legal proceedings regarding your mental health treatment, or use mental illness as a defense in a criminal or civil action; (5) if you are diagnosed with a reportable disease as required by the State Health Department; or (6) if you are at risk of operating a motor vehicle. Confidentiality in these cases will be limited as required by law. 

Student Legal Services (SLS)

1825 SW Broadway, (SMSU) M343, 503.725.4556

  • Student Legal Services (SLS) provides free, confidential legal advice, advocacy and representation on a wide range of legal issues for eligible students. 
  • All consultations are subject to attorney/client privilege. This means that any information that you share with an SLS employee are not only confidential, but also privileged and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the SLS office without your consent except in extremely limited circumstances. 
  • The types of legal issues student survivors have accessed in the past include but are not limited to restraining orders, protective orders, divorces, child custody disputes, victim assistance through criminal court proceedings, landlord tenant disputes, consumer credit disputes, reasonable accommodations for employment and off campus housing and unemployment appeals to name a few. 
  • SLS cannot provide assistance in student vs. current PSU student or student vs. PSU employee/university cases, but SLS will provide referrals.

Off-Campus Confidential Community Resources:

Sexual assault advocates are available 24 hours to assist students and help them access community resources. This service is available for individuals regardless of whether they choose to take legal action or not. PWCL can also help link students in domestic violence situations with the appropriate referrals including emergency shelter and support groups.

  • El Programa El Hispano-Project UNICA: 24-hour crisis line 1.888.232.448 | Portland 503.688.2630 | Gresham 503.669.8350 
    Project UNICA's goal is to provide support, advocacy, and opportunity for self-empowerment, enabling survivors to exercise free and informed life choices. Project UNICA operates the UNICA Crisis Line, which is the first Crisis Line in Spanish in Multnomah County.
  • Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project: 800.832.1901
    National domestic violence hotline for gay men, located in Boston, MA. Crisis line offers emotional support, safety planning, crisis counseling, referrals and emergency housing.
  • Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (OCADSV): 503.230.1951
    OCADSV promotes equity and social change in order to end violence for all communities, lobbies and provides trainings to end domestic and sexual violence.
  • Oregon Department of Justice, Victims' Services Division:
    The Crime Victims' Services Division (CVSD) is to reduce the impact of crime on victims' lives by supporting statewide victim services programs, promoting victims' rights, and providing victims access to information and resources in a compassionate, responsive, and dedicated manner. CVSD provides advocacy for victims navigating the criminal justice system, as well as information on victims' rights, resources and compensation for crime victims.
  • Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center: 503.872.9664
    Services for mental health counseling to minority youth, ages 23 and under, and LGBTQ youth. Services include assessment, individual treatment, groups, couples, and family therapy.
  • The Survivor Project: 503.288.3191
    Advocating for intersex and transgender survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Victim's Right Law Center (VRLC): 503.274.5477, ext. 6
    Call 24/7 to leave a message on the intake line. VRLC provides free, holistic legal assistance to victims of rape and sexual assault in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties, Oregon. People eligible to be clients: sexual assault survivors (based on self-identification, criminal charges are NOT required). There are no age, income, citizenship, or immigration status restrictions. Services may include family members in immigration cases. Only legal matters related to the sexual assault qualify. 

    VRLC attorneys provide consultation and legal representation in the areas of victim advocacy*, safety and privacy*, benefits and financial stability*, housing*, employment*, education, immigration, and identity document changes.  

    *Tri county area only (Multnomah, Clackamas & Washington; survivor must live, work, go to school, or have been assaulted in relevant geographic location.)

Students' Rights Under Title IX & the Clery Act:

You are legally entitled to expect the following from Portland State University:

  • Treatment of both complainant and accused must be equitable.
  • The right to have University policies and procedures followed without material deviation. Please see the PSU Policy on Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment (including Sexual Harassment) 1 and Title IX Sexual Harassment 2 for specific information about procedures.
  • The right to request alternative dispute resolution, but the right not to be pressured to mediate or otherwise informally resolve any reported misconduct involving sexual violence.
  • The right not to be discouraged by University officials from reporting sexual misconduct or discrimination to both on-campus and off-campus authorities. The right to be informed by the University of options to notify law enforcement authorities, including on-campus and local police, and the option(s) to be assisted by University authorities in notifying such authorities, if the party so chooses. This also includes the right not to be pressured to report, as well.
  • The right to have an Advisor of their choice to accompany the party in all meetings and/or interviews associated with the resolution or complaint process.
  • The right to have the ability to review evidence, as specified by the PSU policies and complaint process.
  • The right to petition that any University representative in the process be recused on the basis of disqualifying bias and/or conflict of interest.
  • The right to have an advisor during a conduct hearing.
  • The right not to have irrelevant prior sexual history or character admitted as evidence.
  • The right to be informed of the outcome of conduct investigation or hearing. The right to be informed of the opportunity to appeal, and the procedures for doing so in accordance with the standards for appeal established by the University.

Resource Sites:


    Call an Advocate at 503.725.5672 with any questions or concerns.  

    Questions about confidentiality? Please see our Confidentiality & Privacy webpage.

    Title IX

    If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact PSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Julie Caron at titleixcoordinator@pdx.edu or 503.725.4410. Julie's office is located at 1600 SW 4th Ave, In the Richard and Maureen Neuberger Center RMNC - Suite 830. Title IX pertains to any form of sex/gender discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence.