Trans and Queer Resources

See our in house resources below and use the drop down menu to access campus and community based resources organized by identity and category. Find information about our resources below such as all-gender bathrooms on campus, our lending library, advocacy, and more.

Queer and Trans Students of Color Resources and Retention Coordinator

At the QRC we have a full time Queer Students of Color Resources and Retention Coordinator. The coordinator is in charge of our QTPOC programming, facilitating the Queer Students of Color Conference, and providing advocacy and support to transgender and queer students of color on campus. Our coordinator is trained and skilled in racial justice and intersectionality equipped with community and campus knowledge specific to trans and queer students of color. Email to get connected.

Trans Resources and Retention Coordinator

The TReC position is our point person to resources for trans, nonbinary, intersex, and questioning students. They meet with trans students to support them navigating gender identity and resources to support them at PSU such as with Legal Name Overrides. This student coordinator also plans TEMPRR Days and TACC and can support staff interested in learning how to better support trans students. Reach out to the TreC over email for support at Please visit our TReC Hub, linked below, for more information about resources and support.

Confidential Advocacy 

The QRC offers support, resources, and referrals for students who are involved in, victims of, or survivors of Interpersonal Violence. Interpersonal Violence is any violence experienced at the hands of another person, including sexual violence like rape or sexual assault, and/or verbal or physical abuse. Advocates are trained to respond to students in crisis, and serves as the point-people for questions about queer and trans specific IPV resources on campus. Confidential advocates work with a student based on what they identify as their need for support, without mandatory reporting obligations. All other university employees (excluding WRC confidential advocates and  health & mental health professionals at SHAC) follow state employee mandatory reporting guidelines. Contact the QRC's Confidential Advocate at or book an appointment with the link below.

All Gender Bathrooms on Campus

All-Gender Bathrooms are located in most buildings on campus at Portland State. Both single stall and multi-stall bathrooms populate campus. We maintain an up to date list of all-gender bathrooms on campus with accessibility information and update them on the Refuge Bathroom App. Click below for a copy of our list to keep on hand or print out. We keep print copies at our front desk, stop by to get one. The first all-gender bathroom on campus is location just past the QRC on the 4th floor of the Smith Building

Legal Name Override

Transgender students have the option of overriding their legal name in the PSU system with a chosen name. By meeting with a QRC staff person to complete a simple form, you can update your preferred name on student ID, in class rosters, and in other campus data systems. If you are unable to meet in person, please contact our Trans Resources and Retention Coordinator at to discuss your options. Please note that PSU is required to retain your legal name for official academic record in the student information system. A name override is also different from a Banweb preferred name update.

Name and Pronoun Advocacy

The QRC offers advocacy to students with names or pronouns that are different that what PSU may provide for classroom rosters. Complete the form below and our TReC will reach out to your instructors on your behalf instructing use of your correct name and pronouns. You will receive confirmation once all instructors have been contacted. Only the QRC Director, QRC Trans Student Resources and Retention Coordinator, and the QRC Office Manager have access this information and is only used for the purposes of advocating classroom needs. In the event that instructors do not check their PSU email, or do not receive or read the advocacy email, please contact us at to arrange for further advocacy. PSU prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. Any questions about PSU’s Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment policy can be directed to the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion. Share complaints by email at or telephone number 503-725-5919.

Affinity Groups

We offer a wide variety of affinity group spaces and are always looking to expand to meet the needs of students. We maintain a Queer and Trans Student of Color Affinity Group, a Trans Affinity Group called T Time, a Queer and Trans Veteran Affinity Group, as well as several others based on student needs. Affinity groups are a space for students to convene and build community specifically with peers who share their identity. Don’t see an affinity group that you are looking for? Help us start one! Email Mena at to request affinity space or to start your own group. Use the link below to see all of our affinity groups on our events page.

Queer and Trans Student Support Fund

Our Queer & Trans Student Support Fund is accessible to all transgender and queer students at PSU with one time financial needs. Students may access this fund once per term for various needs including buying groceries, paying bills, paying for legal support or for legal documents, for emergency expenses, transportation costs, rent support, etc. It is our goal to make this fund as accessible as possible and redistribute resources to trans and queer students in need. To access this fund, email K Keith, our Director,  at or Mena, our Assistant Director, and and let them know you would like to access the Student Support Fund in the email body and they will follow up with further information.

SNAP Benefit Assistance

We have staff trained in the rules and requirements specific to students accessing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; also called “Food Stamps”). If you would like to sign up for SNAP Benefits, schedule an appointment with Mena, our Assistant Director, for support and guidance throughout the process. Use the link below to make an appointment.


QRC Mini Food Pantry

Housed inside the QRC on the 4th Floor of the Smith Building is our own mini-food pantry made in coalition with the PSU Food Pantry. Food in this food pantry is free and available to all in need, no ID is needed to access this resource, and you never need to ask, just take what you need. We keep the pantry stocked with non-perishables to help students create meals, keep snacks stocked, and access some fresh produce. More food security resources are available on our hardship resources page inthe drop down menu.

Identity Based & Coming Out Support

QRC staff provides support to students questioning their sexuality and gender identities with one on one support and resourcing. If you are in need of one on one support, please contact Mena, our Assistant Director. at or K Keith, our Director, at to seek resources or schedule an appointment. Click below to access identity specific pamphlets for identity exploration and resources.

QRC Lending Library

The QRC has an extensive trans and queer library with over one thousand books and DVDs. We lend books and DVDs out for up to two weeks at a time to the PSU community. Our selection includes theory, fiction, memoir, zines, non-fiction, and more. Our library is currently closed for Covid safety, but our Virtual Library is up and running.

QRC Library

The QRC houses a library full of over 1,000 books and DVDs. Books and DVDs are available for check our for two weeks at a time. During virtual times, we have created an online library with queer books, poetry, and zines that have been made available online. Click here to check out the Virtual Queer Library.

a yellow image with a gradient cloud that goes from purple to pink and a book opened in front of it. the image read "a virtual queer library: curated by your resident bi-brarian"


Bias is a state of mind, tendency, or inclination that prevents unprejudiced consideration of other alternatives. Bias can occur deliberately, intentionally, or unintentionally. It can be directed toward an attitude, an individual, or group regarding (but not limited to) race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental ability, political, or religious ideology.

Portland State’s Bias Response Team (BRT) receives reports of bias and works to address bias incidents. You may file a Bias Incident Report, either anonymously or with your identity disclosed through their website linked below. If you would like someone to contact you regarding what your experienced or what you saw or heard, you will need to provide your name and contact information. However, it is still very helpful to provide anonymous information so PSU can know what is occurring and work to improve the climate at PSU.



Affirmative Action ensures equitable and non-discriminatory treatment for all PSU Community Members.

Portland State University supports equal opportunity in admissions, education, employment, housing, and use of facilities by prohibiting discrimination in those areas based on age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion or creed, sex or gender, gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other basis in law. This policy implements state and federal laws (including Title IX). Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity. Learn more and file a grievance below.



Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that requires universities to respond to and work to prevent gender discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence, such as sexual assault, stalking, sexual exploration and dating violence. If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact PSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Julie Caron at, call 503-725-4410, and visit located at 1600 SW 4th Ave, in the Richard and Maureen Neuberger Center RMNC Suite 830. Please note that the Title IX Coordinator is not confidential.

Student Code of Conduct

The mission of the Portland State University Conduct & Community Standards Program is to promote a culture of integrity and respect, as articulated in the Student Code of Conduct. The Office of Dean of Student Life administers the University's Student Code of Conduct, which provides a process for addressing student misconduct.