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Paying For School

For an estimate of cost, please see Tuition & Fees. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid for a complete listing of available sources and grant and loan requirements. Additionally, the Graduate School has detailed information about financing your graduate education. Below are summaries of the three major funding categories for graduate students, with links to additional information:

Graduate Assistantships and Student Worker Positions

Research and administrative assistant opportunities occasionally become available through the College of Urban and Public Affairs and Hatfield School of Government. Additionally, the Center for Public Service and Institute for Nonprofit Management may fund student worker positions as needed to help carry out consulting projects. Keep an eye out for announcements on Public Administration Department list-servs, and be sure to let your advisor and other faculty members know if you are interested in these types of opportunities.

Graduate assistant positions may also be available through other departments across campus. Please check out the Graduate School for current openings. Students interested in applying for graduate assistantships must have regular admission status and maintain good standing in the graduate program. GA positions also require that students be registered for, and satisfactorily complete, a minimum of nine graduate credits each term with the exception of summer term. Graduate assistants usually receive tuition remission and a stipend.

Financial Assistance Available Through the University

Information is available from at Student FinanceFirst time graduate students should review the timeline available from the Office of Financial Aid, and continuing graduate students can find information about under the current student link. 


University-wide scholarship information is available online and you can search for scholarships in the PSU Scholarship Database. Be sure to check out specific scholarship opportunities through the College of Urban and Public Affairs and the Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) is a great resource for information and opportunities to help finance your education.

For our Students: 
Please see the SOG Summary List of Awards / Scholarships available to students in the MPA, MPA:HA, MNL, MPP, and PAP programs.

Professional Development

We've provided links to some of the prominent professional associations, networking opportunities, employers, and other professional development resources that may be of interest to public administration students. Be sure to talk to your advisor and other faculty members about additional resources!

All Professionals:


Natural Resources


Public Health