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Laurels Graduate Award

The PSU Laurels Graduate Award was instituted to provide recognition and financial support to the best and brightest students and to enhance enrollment diversity. The program provides an award to competitively selected, academically meritorious graduate degree students in all fields. This program includes financial need as a consideration for the selection of some of these awards.

The awards are available to admitted graduate degree students at Portland State University and to students entering a Portland State University graduate degree program in Fall term 2018. Approximately 35 full and part-time students were recipients of 2017-2018 awards; the number of awards will vary from year to year due to state-wide budget appropriations.


You are eligible to apply for a PSU Laurels Graduate Award if you are admitted to (or have applied for admission to) a graduate degree program starting in Fall 2017 with university regular status (i.e., with no university conditions at admission).

The 2018-19 PSU Laurels Graduate Award is based primarily on academic merit, with additional consideration given to financial need and institutional goals for achieving student diversity. All students are encouraged to provide a statement explaining their financial situation as part of the application.  Domestic students should also file a 2018-19 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (available in the Financial Aid Office and on the Web at naming PSU as a recipient of application data. 

For awards made in recent years, new recipients had a mean cumulative PSU graduate GPA of 3.90 and an overall PSU undergraduate GPA at admission of 3.70. It is anticipated that similar performance will be necessary for 2018-19 recipients, especially in the merit category.

The Laurels Graduate Award is $5,000 per year for master's students or $7,500 per year for doctoral students, distributed in equal parts over Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. The award is tuition remission and can only be applied toward instructional fees. If students attend part-time (fewer than approximately 5 credits per term), based on individual registration and tuition charges they may not receive the entire award amount. No part of this remission may be refunded to students.

For continuation, academic performance will be reviewed each term. Recipients must remain in good academic standing and make appropriate progress toward their degrees. Students enrolled in master's degree programs may be eligible for renewal for one additional year (two years total) while completing the master's degree. Doctoral students may be eligible for two additional years (three years total) while completing the doctoral degree.

For students receiving financial aid, this award will impact the financial aid package.

On-line Application Process

On-line application for OGS (Office of Graduate Studies) scholarships and awards is now available.

You will access the on-line application for OGS scholarships and awards at the Scholarship Manager website. (This website has a new URL, so if you have bookmarked it in the past, please create a new bookmark for it.) If you have never created an account, you will need to first create an account by clicking on "First Time User." Once your account is created, you will click on "Returning User" to access the application form.

To apply for OGS scholarships and awards, you must complete the PSU Graduate Scholarship Application on the Scholarship Manager website by the deadlines stated below.

Transcripts are NOT required as part of your scholarship application.
Please DO NOT send transcripts to OGS


  • The deadline for the on-line PSU Graduate Scholarship Application is February 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM (PDT).
  • The deadline for the on-line letters of recommendation is February 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM (PDT).