Oregon Registry Trainers

Oregon Registry Trainer Program Certified Trainers

The Oregon Registry Trainer Program offers voluntary certification for trainers and adult educators in Oregon’s childhood care and education profession. There are five types of trainer certification:

  1. Standardized Trainer
  2. Community Trainer
  3. Specialty Community Trainer
  4. Master Trainer
  5. Specialty Master Trainer

If you are looking for a certified Oregon Registry Trainer, visit the Oregon Registry Online Trainer Search or download the trainer lists available under Resources below.

Become a Certified Trainer

Becoming certified is voluntary.

We recruit Standardized Trainers based on Standardized Training curricula needs. Recruitment opportunities and applications are posted to the News section of our homepage when available.

You may apply to be a Community Trainer, Specialty Community Trainer, Master Trainer, or Specialty Master Trainer at any time by completing the appropriate trainer application, located below. We review the trainer applications monthly. To view upcoming review dates, download our Review Team Calendar.

Benefits of Oregon Registry Trainer Certification

Oregon Registry Trainer Program certification ensures your training meets Oregon's Core Knowledge Categories standards for the childhood care and education profession and is connected to the Oregon Registry Steps. You must be an Oregon Registry certified trainer to use the Sets of knowledge terminology and have it recognized for professionals who attend the trainings.

The Trainer Program also offers certified trainers assistance with training techniques and session development. As a certified trainer you would be joining a community of trainers and learn strategies for marketing your training. Trainer Program certification is valid for three years.

Training by certified trainers is accepted by the Oregon Registry, which means it also satisfies Office of Child Care licensing requirements. Participants who attend your training can be assured it meets statewide standards and involves sound adult education practices.

Standardized, Community, Master, and Specialty Trainers

Oregon Registry Standardized Trainers are specifically qualified and approved to deliver one or more of our Standardized Training Curricula, which are packaged curricula that have been developed to meet the training needs of professionals statewide. Oregon Registry Community Trainers and Master Trainers are qualified and approved to deliver training sessions that they have developed themselves. Trainers who work outside the field of childhood care and education (such as business, legal, or health professionals) may qualify to be Specialty Community Trainers or Specialty Master Trainers.

  • Standardized Trainers are recruited only when a training of trainers session is scheduled for a particular training curriculum. Community, Master, and Specialty Trainers may also offer Standardized Training sessions if they are approved for the individual training curricula.
  • Community and Specialty Community Trainers offer independent training sessions that meet Set One standards in the Core Knowledge Categories.
  • Master and Specialty Master Trainers offer independent training sessions that meet Set One, Set Two, or Set Three standards in the Core Knowledge Categories. Master and Specialty Master Trainers may also offer Training of Trainers.

Oregon Registry Trainer Qualifications

Qualifications are based on one’s experience as a trainer, experience in the field, and education in the field.

trainer type education in the field Experience as a trainer Experience in the field
Standardized Any one of three (experience as a trainer, experience in the field, OR education in the field), dependent on specific Standardized Training Curricula.
Community CDA or
Registry Step 7
At least 20 hours of training in adult ed/development
Have conducted at least 60 hours of training within the past five years
Be in a co-training or mentoring relationship with an experienced trainer
At least three years
Specialty Community A credential, college certificate, license or an AA/AS in your field of expertise
Master BA/BS or Registry Step 10 At least 20 hours of training in adult ed/development
Have conducted at least 60 hours of training within the past five years
At least three years
Specialty Master BA/BS in your field of expertise

You may find opportunities to build your knowledge of adult education and adult development at Resources for Training in Adult Education and Development.

Languages in Demand

We actively seek bilingual trainers, especially those fluent in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Trainer Orientation

Applicants to become Community or Master Trainers must complete the Oregon Registry Trainer Orientation. The orientation includes five separate lessons with a quiz for each lesson:

The Trainer Times

The Trainer Times is our regular newsletter designed to support certified trainers by sharing information, resources, professional development opportunities, and general training tips.

Download any edition of The Trainer Times below or view our index of articles and topics.




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