The Oregon Center for Career Development (OCCD) administers the Oregon Registry Trainer Program (ORTP) which includes childhood care and education trainers, the training session approval system, and the Sponsoring Organization system. ORTP implements statewide standards and offers certification for certified trainers, training sessions, and Sponsoring Organizations grounded in best practices, current research, community needs, and adult education. Additionally, the ORTP team develops and approves statewide training in collaboration with experts in the field.

Certified Trainers

Certified Registry Trainers offer independent certified training sessions accepted by the Oregon Registry, which means the training sessions also satisfy Oregon’s Office of Child Care licensing requirements.

Trainer Program Guidebook

The Oregon Registry Trainer Program Guidebook provides resources and supports for Oregon Registry certified trainers and Sponsoring Organizations who provide quality professional development training opportunities for the workforce throughout Oregon.

Certified Training

Only certified Oregon Registry Trainers and Sponsoring Organizations may offer Oregon Registry Trainer Program Certified Training.

Sponsoring Organizations

The Oregon Registry Trainer Program partners with organizations that offer training to Oregon’s professionals. Sponsoring Organizations may include resource and referral programs, professional organizations, Head Start programs, and child care training programs.

Standardized Training

A Standardized Training is packaged curricula developed and/or approved by OCCD, statewide partners, independent trainers or experts in order to meet statewide training needs. When the Oregon Registry Trainer Program creates, approves, or updates a Standardized Curriculum, trainers are selected to attend a Training of Trainers (TOT) in order for them to become a Standardized Trainer in that specific curriculum and to offer it across the state.

Standardized Training Curricula

Standardized Training curricula currently available in Oregon are:

  • All 4 Math in Early Childhood
  • Building a Business: Certified Family Child Care Management
  • Building Blocks of Social & Emotional Development
  • Director Certificate Training Series
  • Discovering Potentials: Social & Emotional Development of School-Age Children
  • Early Words: Language & Literacy Development 2014
  • Eco-Healthy Child Care: Small Steps to Improve Children's Health
  • Every Child Ready to Read At Your Library
  • First Connections: Infant & Toddler Development & Care
  • Implementing Developmental Screening Using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire-Third Education (ASQ-3)
  • In the Mix: School-Age Children in Family Child Care
  • Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety
  • Language Is the Key: Promoting Intentional Adult-Child Interactions
  • Mind in the Making: Oregon Standardized
  • Opening Doors to Inclusive Afterschool Programs
  • Oregon Kids - Healthy & Safe
  • Proteger A Los Niños Es Nuestro Deber
  • Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Development Birth - 5
  • Supporting Literacy and Language Development for Dual Language Learners
  • TALE: Training for Afterschool Literacy Education
  • Teaching Research Assistance to Child Care Providers Serving Children with Special Needs (TRAC)

Download the Analysis of Standardized Training Curricula by Languages, Core Knowledge Categories and Age Group of Focus for a comparison of standardized curricula.

Certified trainers and registered Sponsoring Organizations may propose standardizing a curriculum. If you are interested in proposing a standardized curriculum, please write to discuss the process.

Certified Trainer Directory & Training Inventory

If you’d like to find a certified trainer or training in Oregon, visit the Oregon Registry Online Trainer Search or download the Excel files below for lists of active trainers and training certified by the Oregon Registry Trainer Program. These lists are updated quarterly.

Standardized Trainers by Program, Community Trainers, and Master Trainers

Certified Set One, Set Two, and Set Three Training Sessions

More Information

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