Oregon Registry Educators

Online & Self-Study Training

OCCD offers several online training sessions specific to Oregon childhood care and education. To view our available courses, visit Learning with OCCD online training. Courses include those which may be required for licensing by the Early Learning Division's Office of Child Care:

  • Safe Sleep for Oregon's Infants (HSN 1 hour)
  • Prevention Is Better Than Treatment (HSN 1 hour)
  • Introduction to Registered Family Child Care Part One (0 hours)
  • Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety (HSN 1 hour)
  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (HSN 2 hours)

The Early Learning Division (ELD) offers a self-study option for the following training:

Online and Self-Study Training not offered by OCCD, the ELD, or an Oregon Registry Trainer Program registered Sponsoring Organization must meet quality requirements outlined in the Oregon Registry: Training and Education Criteria and the content must link to Oregon's Core Knowledge Categories. Please view Online Training Organizations Accepted in ORO for help determining if a training you take online is accepted in ORO.



Oregon Registry Steps

Education Awards

  • The Oregon Center for Career Development is not accepting Education Award Eligibility Forms received after May 31st, 2021 for this fiscal year. The Oregon Registry Steps and Betty Gray Scholarship will continue to support Oregon’s Early Learning Educators.

Voluntary Enhancements

Enhanced Rate Program


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