The Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education (OCCD) provides leadership in the development and operation of integrated and statewide professional development standards and systems. OCCD promotes professional development to achieve high quality care and education for children, and creates and supports training and education.

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OCCD’s Furlough Schedule

In the face of budget shortfalls, Portland State University employees, including those of us who work for OCCD, have been furloughed for 20% of our time, approximately one day a week. This is a mandated furlough through June with an option to do call backs starting in July. These callbacks will be determined based on budget and workload needs.

We have arranged to have staggered required days off so we can maintain our day to day work responsibilities. There may be minor delays in processing or technical assistance response times, but we are making every effort to maintain high quality service during this time.

OCCD’s Response to COVID-19

Our deepest sympathies go out to all who are fighting COVID-19 as well as the pandemic’s disruptive effects on society. We know this tragedy is particularly difficult for the childhood care and education community, and are inspired by the continued dedication of Oregon’s childhood care and education professionals. We are working to respond to recommendations from the Governor’s office, the ELD and PSU. Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and the community at large, while also maintaining essential services for Oregon’s childhood care and education professionals. To support your continued professional development as more activities are conducted online, we are releasing and sharing the following new resources:

  • Online Training Organizations Accepted in ORO (view this list for help determining if a training you take online is accepted in ORO)
  • Online CPR and First Aid Temporary Certification (contact your local CCR&R if you need to renew your CPR/First Aid certification during the state of emergency)
  • Oregon Child Care Provider Relief Guide was created by a group of agencies, advocacy and philanthropy organizations to support child care providers by pulling together financial support resources in one place, with links and information on how to apply for assistance.
  • Emergency Child Care Grant (Phase 1) The Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division (ELD) is inviting applications from eligible child care providers to receive grant funding for the COVID-19 crisis. This is a non-competitive grant opportunity limited to those open and providing Emergency Child Care.
  • FAQ for OCCD during the COVID-19 State of Emergency

While OCCD’s office space is physically closed for the foreseeable future, we are still performing all essential program functions remotely for electronically received documents. There may be delays on documentation that comes through the mail.

Some ways you can help so we can process from a distance:

Everyone at OCCD is committed to remaining responsive to Oregon’s child care workforce and our partners via phone, email, chat, video conferencing or other remote means.

Thank you and be well!

Education Awards Suspended

OCCD is indefinitely suspending the Oregon Registry Education Award program due to discontinued funding from Oregon’s Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. OCCD will continue to process award applications received to date so we can have all paid out by June 30, 2020. We are not accepting any applications beyond April 10, 2020.

The Education Award program has proudly acknowledged the professional development achievements of Oregon’s early learning workforce since 2009. Over the past ten years, the program has distributed over 18,000 awards, close to 5.5 million dollars, to front line providers working directly with children!

The Oregon Registry Steps, Betty Gray Scholarship, and Oregon’s Family Child Care Scholarship will continue to support Oregon’s Early Learning Educators.

Betty Gray Scholarship on Pause

Due to the rapidly growing participation in the Betty Gray Scholarship program, we have already awarded the maximum amount of funding available for the 2019-2020 program year. Therefore, we are temporarily pausing the Betty Gray Scholarship program until additional funding is available. The pause will affect new scholarship applications only. For additional details, please visit the Betty Gray Early Childhood Scholarship Program.

A New Way to Track Your Professional Development at National Conferences

The Oregon Registry heard loud and clear that Oregon’s Early Learning Professionals needed a way to track their professional development at National conferences. The National Conference Verification Form provides Early Learning Professionals an easy and free option to submit your training hours to ORO.

If you are planning to attend a National conference, bring the National Conference Verification Form with you to each training session. You will need to document the date and time of each training session, the session title and trainer name, and have the trainer sign that you attended. Once all of your training sessions are listed on the form, send it into ORO with either a conference registration form or a general certificate from the conference.

Upload Your Documents in myORO!

You can now upload your own training and education documents directly to myORO! Watch this short video to learn how to upload your training and education documents in your myORO account. There's no need to mail your documents in if you've successfully uploaded them!

Oregon's Core Knowledge Categories

OCCD is pleased to present the revised Oregon’s Core Knowledge Categories document, previously known as the Core Body of Knowledge. This document provides the foundation for Oregon’s Career Development System, including the Oregon Registry and the Oregon Registry Trainer Program.


About Us

OCCD provides leadership in the development and operation of integrated and statewide professional development standards and systems. OCCD promotes professional development to achieve high quality care and education for children, and creates and supports training and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote quality childhood care and education for Oregon's children and families by providing a professional development system for practitioners.

We commit to social justice and cultural responsiveness by recognizing the diverse input of Oregon’s early learning professionals to guide our policies and practices.

Our Commitment to Equity

We are committed to inclusive practices and policies that promote a socially just and culturally responsive approach to our mission.

We believe the diversity of the early childhood workforce is a source of strength, inspiration, innovation, and happiness. People carry with them the wealth of their values, beliefs, traditions, abilities, and customs. Diversity, then, enriches and strengthens our field and must be supported.

We bear responsibility for promoting social justice and equity through our leadership of Oregon's early childhood professional standards. Acknowledging that dominant cultures have historically oppressed certain groups, we aspire to foster and promote respect and compassion for all races, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, sexualities, genders, abilities, and social classes. We devote particular attention to the disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed.

We seek to include and invite a variety of communities in helping to inform our policies and practices. To increase our own awareness and consciousness, we assume a posture of learning and professional development in culturally responsive practices and social equity.

This is what our commitment looks like in action:

  • Seeking feedback from members of a wide variety of communities so voices from all groups of people can participate.
  • Widely recruiting and actively sustaining diverse staff.
  • Creating a safe and positive work space.
  • Attending and providing culturally responsive professional development.
  • Developing and promoting culturally responsive standards and policies.
  • Advocating and seeking culturally responsive and equity-guided input in discussions.

Our Partners

The Oregon Professional Development System is an integrated and comprehensive statewide framework that weaves the childhood care and education profession together. The Oregon Professional Development System involves many agencies and programs that provide supports for professionals.

The profession of Childhood Care and Education includes all types of care and education for young children, before/after school, and summer care programs for school age children. Professionals in childhood care and education make a difference every day in their work with children and youth. High quality programs and services for children, youth and families result in the positive growth and development of children and youth, and a stronger social, educational and economic future.

Our primary professional development partners:


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